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  1. LisaMarie724 profile image76
    LisaMarie724posted 5 years ago

    The hub I need help with is ironically about SEO.  It was on the first page of Google for a long time after I wrote it, but now it is nowhere to be found.  It doesn't get traffic any longer either.  Would anyone be willing to take a look at it and suggest ideas that might help it rank better and get more traffic?  Here is the link: http://lisamarie724.hubpages.com/hub/Be … o-Keywords

    1. Simone Smith profile image92
      Simone Smithposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hey LisaMarie724!
      If you'd like to audit your Hub independently, I recommend using the following Learning Center guides as checklists:
      http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/Elem … tellar-Hub
      http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/How- … ndly-Title

  2. spartucusjones profile image94
    spartucusjonesposted 5 years ago

    Most of the suggestions I would provide would be contained in the link to the two learning guides that Simone left you a link for. But here are a few observations:

    Your hub is on the shorter side, so adding more content can be helpful.

    A variety of different types of capsules could help. You have a poll already which is good, but maybe adding a video (or even videos) on SEO would be a good fit for that type of hub.

    Also I know that SEO would be a tough subject to find photos for (which is an area I sometimes struggle with for certain subjects) but more photos could be helpful. Also it is a good idea to make sure that the photo is properly attributed. You also might consider giving a subtitle and a caption for your photo as well.

    I am not necessary an expert so do what you want with the tips. But hopefully you find the following observations helpful.

  3. LauraD093 profile image82
    LauraD093posted 5 years ago

    The links provided by Simone are excellent (I've referenced them so often I should have them memorized.) I also agree that a video insert may prove helpful some people just prefer visual tools to help reinforce what they are trying to learn.

  4. Silva Hayes profile image88
    Silva Hayesposted 5 years ago

    Hi, LisaMarie!  I read your article and found it informative; perhaps a bit too short.  One basic suggestion I have is to show what the letters actually stand for.  In the first sentence, spell it out, then show the letters SEO in parenthesis and then each subsequent mention just use the letters.  That's all I have.  I am going to check all my hubs and implement your suggestions.  I never thought of repeating keywords in my last sentence.  Thank you.

  5. nikhilchandra profile image78
    nikhilchandraposted 5 years ago

    My dear my dear you are so mistaken...There is no SEO keywords there is keyword and there is Search Engine Optimization.

    You are mistaken when you say that when you type “how to grow pink and blue tulips”, into whatever search engine you happened to be using. That search engine like Google for example, would search for articles on the web that contained those exact keywords. Those articles would show up on the first page of Google’s results."

    This is absolutely not true. SERP doesn't work this way.

    There is that Title tag and HTML Tag and then there is how you use images, alt, caption and description and very importantly URL (always use custom URL to build your own in Hubpages and remove any adverb and preposition e.g. in, and, for, what, of, is). When Google show a result, it considers many factors which include but is not limited to title, H1 tag, keyword density, keyword proximity and LSI. But above all it’s about original, relevant and share worthy content that is people want to link to your post when they are writing about the topic you've written about.

    Keywords and “key phrases” are important in your first paragraph ideally they should appear in the beginning and before 160 characters because that is what Google treat as meta description for long tail keywords and mostly for Hubpages meta description snippet.

    And Meta tag Keyword is worthless and inadvertently used to let your competitor know the keyword you are targeting your page with. I'd personally recommend not using Meta description tag or just use H1 and Homepage H1 for Meta keyword...2 is more than enough.

    And captions, title and description is really very very important. Use them generously...longer the better. A trick to optimize your image is to name them as you will your ALT tag. Never name an image like img1.jpg if the picture represents Taj Mahal instead name it as taj-mahal.jpg

    You see all in small letter or no space. It's good from SEO point of view.
    Ah I see I have gotten carried away.
    But I do find SEO interesting :-)

  6. kschang profile image87
    kschangposted 5 years ago

    SEO *was* real when search engines can be "tricked". In other words, SEO is a way to make an article to appear MORE relevant than it actually is to the search engines. As search engines got more sophisticated, SEO is no longer relevant.

    Let's put it this way... would Dilbert feature SEO if it wasn't a joke already?


    1. spartucusjones profile image94
      spartucusjonesposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Not entirety true. The nature of SEO has changed and you can no longer get away with tricks to fool Google. But search friendly titles and naturally using keywords still help with search engines, along with organic back links and social networking.  SEO just means that a article is written in a way that it would do well with search engines. For example just simply writing quality content (such as stellar hubs) is a form of SEO.

  7. LisaMarie724 profile image76
    LisaMarie724posted 5 years ago

    Thanks for all your tips and suggestions.  I do realize that Google has changed a lot since I published this hub, which I didn't take into consideration when wondering why it wasn't doing well.  I will be updating it and changing it.  Thanks guys smile


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