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what happen to the revenue?

  1. willson1234 profile image60
    willson1234posted 5 years ago

    Hi, if an hubpages account partly get banned (partly banned means all hubs get unpublishedbut still can access the account) then what will happen to the previous revenue earned by that account?
    sorry for my English, thanks in advance

    1. Soul Man Walker profile image60
      Soul Man Walkerposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      You might get your money, since you mentioned it. Congratulations . . . you can buy yourself a couple of gallons of gas!

  2. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 5 years ago

    This is your second thread on the same topic.  I suggest you email hubstaff instead.  I expect you will get paid next pay day to clear your outstanding balance.

  3. Simone Smith profile image95
    Simone Smithposted 5 years ago

    Hey willson1234!

    You're not banned- Matt M just checked your account, and rest assured your earnings works the same as everyone else's! big_smile