RESOLVED: Photo issue isolated to user computer

  1. brakel2 profile image80
    brakel2posted 4 years ago

    I wondered if you had any problems on Sunday. When I went to HubPages, a message came up that McAfee was blocking unsafe photos.I clicked to allow them, but nothing happened. Several hubs of mine had photos missing. Then I noticed topic pages had photos missing. I checked my iPhone and my husband's computer on HP and found no photos missing. I then learned that a McAfee browser helper object  was installed on my computer yesterday.and that these objects are often hacked. I removed it from my computer and had no more problems.

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image76
      Matthew Meyerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      There are no know issues related to images on the site.
      The issues you are describing sound like they are isolated to your computer and likely caused by the McAfee software you have installed.

  2. brakel2 profile image80
    brakel2posted 4 years ago

    Thank you Matthew for your quick response.

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