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  1. profile image0
    Jennifer Sucheyposted 11 years ago

    I'm pretty new around here. When I look at my traffic sources sometimes it says Google, which sounds really cool, like as if people are finding my hubs from a Google search. However none of my hubs are anywhere near the first page of search results, or anywhere the second or third page for that matter, so clearly there's something I'm missing here. Can anyone explain?

    1. Sapper profile image63
      Sapperposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Most traffic ends up going to first page results, but you will still get some traffic when you are lower. I know I have personally gone all the way to page 10 before when searching for something. It's just that the higher you get, the more search traffic you'll start getting.

    2. Techstuff profile image57
      Techstuffposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Whilst the main search terms may be fairly low in google, you may have combinations in google that rank quite highly.  In addition, you may get traffic from images ranking highly.

  2. Greekgeek profile image76
    Greekgeekposted 11 years ago

    While stats tell you some of the keywords being searched for, Google hides a lot of the search terms sending traffic to your site under "not provided".

    That article tells you some of the many ways that Google effectively hides meaningful data from us.

    It's also important to remember that all search results are personalized -- even if you take an extra step to turn personalization off, there's still some localization -- so where any given page appears in your search results for any particular search query may not match what anyone else sees.

  3. ossmedia profile image58
    ossmediaposted 11 years ago

    Well let me clear your confusion-
    1 If you have visits from google it doesnt mean that you are ranking at top of searches.
    2 In analytics you can see visits display as (/)  it means visits are coming through secure login or google doesn't show exact search term.
    3 Search querries varies for your webpage result.
    4 Try to explore your post as much as you can so that google will index all your links and get good results in web search.

  4. lovebuglena profile image87
    lovebuglenaposted 11 years ago

    Your hubs don't need to show up on first or second or third page for people to find you. There are people that search many pages on Google...

  5. jericho911 profile image59
    jericho911posted 11 years ago

    Also, the exact phrase that a person keys into the search may be just enough to push you higher in the results than you realize.  I have hubs that rank as high as 2nd overall, depending on how you phrase the search, as opposed to the same hub falling onto page 10 with just one word changed in the search.

  6. susi10 profile image95
    susi10posted 11 years ago

    Try your Google Analytics account as check under 'Traffic', it will tell you the exact percentage for search terms and what keywords people used to get to your site. If you go back to the traffic report and check 'search engine optimization' and then 'queries', you can see what common search terms people use and your position in the SERPS. If you do not have Google Analytics I suggest you start using it, you will get some decent information from it and is very handy to have.

    Within saying that, as lovebuglena said, many searchers go to the second or even third pages of the search engine results.

    1. profile image0
      Jennifer Sucheyposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks go all the replies. I did start to set up Google Analytics, but apparently never finished it. And forgot about it until now. wink I'll check that out. Thanks so much.

      1. susi10 profile image95
        susi10posted 11 years agoin reply to this

        You will find it extremely useful and you can watch it in Real Time too.

    2. profile image0
      Jennifer Sucheyposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Sweet! Loving my Google Analytics. I'm such a stats queen, so not only is HubPages itself right up my alley where I get to check all my "numbers" of various kinds multiple times a day if I want, but I can go more in depth on Google Analytics. wink

      I actually already had it set up for HubPages and didn't realize it. I had gone there checking for info more than once and must have have been looking under my own website specifically, which I haven't finished setting up. But what am I waiting for, right?! Well, I was doing silly things like writing content.

      Anyway, my favorite part is seeing exactly what keywords people entered to find my hubs, and then using those keywords to see where my hubs ranked in the Google search. It was definitely surprising to see how high up some of them came for the short amount of time I've been here. It's very encouraging and inspires me to keep on keepin' on. It also gives me an even higher sense of responsibility to write the most factual, quality, and engaging information I can produce. It's amazing to think that my words may be impacting people's lives. Yet, that's why I'm doing this, right?

      1. ossmedia profile image58
        ossmediaposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Absolutely right.


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