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Nine Hubs in ninety days

  1. johnnyco12 profile image76
    johnnyco12posted 4 years ago

    Hello Hubbers,
          I am taking on a new challenge and I need your help.
    I am undertaking a very important assignment in which I will be writing a nine hub series highlighting fatalities caused by repeat offender DUI's. The series is called "Dying for a drink", and will consist of three parts all of which contain three hubs each.

    Part 1. The Legal aspect

    a. Arrest

    b. Trial

    C. Sentence

    Part 2. The Social aspect

    a. Perpetrator

    b. victim

    c. community

    Part 3.

    a. Facing the problem

    b. treatment

    c  healing

    Ok, So why am I making this a hub challenge? Several reasons, number one, I have a habit of starting things and not finishing them. I am asking you my hubpages  family  to help me break that bad habit. Number two this is a public awareness campaign, therefore these hubs are going to be read by hundreds, maybe thousands of readers, for this reason they must be stellar hubs. There is nothing more embarrassing than for a veteran writer such as myself to have a public information article with grammatical errors and typos. I do my best to police my work well but several eyes are much better than two. Also you get to share in the accolades, I am going include "Special thanks to my motivational team at the hub challenges forum."

    The completed hubs will run consecutively over a 90 day period and the series will not begin until all three sections a total of nine hubs are completed and ready to be published.

    Well what do you say, will you help me?

  2. Angie497 profile image76
    Angie497posted 4 years ago

    I think that sounds like a fantastic challenge! I'd be glad to help, even if it's nothing more than cheerleading - everyone needs a cheerleader as well as a few extra sets of eyeballs, don't they? (In fact, I worry about writers that think they're so talented & skilled that they think there's no way they could possibly need either. I definitely don't think I fall into that category LOL)

    In fact, a sort of a '9 in 90' challenge sounds pretty good. Let me 'talk back atcha' with what appears to be your perimeters:
    a - 9 hubs total
    b - 90 day challenge period
    c - One overall theme
    d - Each hub links naturally to the others, and could be read as a series
    e - Each hub also can stand alone
    f - It should go without saying, but of course, each hub should be a high quality hub, no fillers

    Have I got it right? smile

    1. johnnyco12 profile image76
      johnnyco12posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Cheerleaders not only encourage but add a sense of beauty that otherwise wouldn't be there honored to have you In my corner.

      1. johnnyco12 profile image76
        johnnyco12posted 4 years agoin reply to this

        And yes that's right.