Plagiarized Hubs

  1. Ayu Bi profile image93
    Ayu Biposted 4 years ago

    This is the second time I discovered that one of my hubs was plagiarized and I already filed a DMCA complaint. What else do you do whenever you find that your articles are entirely copied by other people outside of HP?

  2. soulfully profile image74
    soulfullyposted 4 years ago

    I email them and ask them politely (at first) to remove my content from their site. If they don't answer my email I send a more aggressive follow up email that I think would send them shaking from their finger tips to little toe digits. I get more success with the latter, especially if you threaten them with legal proceedings that you're willing to follow up. Some I've had successfully removed by just leaving a comment on the article page they stole.

    Actually, thinking about it, there's a third option, ask them for money. Demand £300 compensation for SEO damages. You might actually make a few sales, or you'll see your article removed faster than you can say "plurrrp". Either way it's a result.