What can we write about?

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    mrbassman90posted 8 years ago

    I get that certain types of content are off limits, but can we write and post fiction as our hubs, like short stories? I'm just wondering. cool

  2. Reynolds_Writing profile image82
    Reynolds_Writingposted 8 years ago

    Mr. Bass.. Here are the official Hub Rules

    "All hubs have to meet the site content guidelines set forth in the Google AdSense Program Policy, in the HubPages terms of use, and detailed below.

    Our objective with HubPages is to support authors that have the desire and intent to develop a readership on the HubPages site, and to contribute in a positive way to the HubPages community. If your intended use runs counter to this objective -- for instance, if you're sole purpose is to get back links for other sites or to promote or sell dubious products through your hubs -- then please stop using HubPages.

    If you're hubs are flagged for violations, we generally will give you an opportunity to correct the problem and republish the hub. However, repeated violations will result in your account being closed and all your hubs being unpublished. If you are unsure if your hub meets our policies, we will be far more sympathetic if you contact us for clarification before publishing the hub"

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    multimasteryposted 8 years ago

    Short stories should definitely not be a problem.  As long as content is rated PG