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Getting frustrated, but...

  1. composed profile image68
    composedposted 9 years ago

    Getting a little frustrated since I have very few clicks in Google and none in Amazon.

    BUT... I am starting to see Google and Yahoo! as traffic sources, though very light.

    At this stage of the game, what sort of advice do you more experienced hubbers have?  Should I expect it to come in time??


  2. Misha profile image74
    Mishaposted 9 years ago

    You can pray and hope - or you can learn SEO smile

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      multimasteryposted 9 years agoin reply to this
  3. Dame Scribe profile image59
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    Hi Composed ... welcome to HP! use the search bar and read up on some Hubs about generating traffic, etc. It takes time and work but it's fun in the mean time. smile

  4. sunstreeks profile image83
    sunstreeksposted 9 years ago

    You have only been here for two weeks. Search Engines have barely found you and any backlinks, if you've been working on them probably haven't been acknowledged yet by the SE's yet.

    Go to the search bar  here and enter in Hubpages. Read every How-To hub available. Then....

    Be patient.

    By the end of my first month I had 41 hubs(yes, I was on a mission =P ). My Adsense earnings total for that month was under $7. The next month I made $18 and it kept slowly growing.  It takes time for earnings to grow. If you notice a trend in what people say here on the message board, most of us didn't have enough to cash out until the 7 to 9th month and after that, it seems to take only 1 to 3 months depending on the hubber.  Many of us started hubpages just the same way you are now. We had to learn what works and what doesn't. Learning basic on and off page SEO will be a HUGE help. I'm still learning and still reworking my older hubs using the techniques I've learn along the way that work best.

    If your main goal is to make money, then you want to research before you write. Pick a topic and then find a happy relationship between low Google search results available and highly searched terms with good CPC (costs per click).  I use Adwords keyword tool https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

    Then just wait. Keep writing and building your hubs don't worry about if your making money yet, cause eventually if you stick with it, you will make money.

  5. sunstreeks profile image83
    sunstreeksposted 9 years ago

    Oh ya, and don't determine success based on Amazon or Ebay. I think it was a few months before I made my first Amazon sale. Amazon and Ebay earnings are very sporadic unless you are writing many hubs geared towards helping your traffic make a buying decision. Product reviews seem to work.