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Do links to my other hubs negatively influence my hubscore?

  1. William15 profile image89
    William15posted 4 years ago

    I link to 3-4 of my other, related hubs on almost everyone I publish. Since there are all to the "same domain" does this hurt my score?

  2. Paul Maplesden profile image77
    Paul Maplesdenposted 4 years ago

    I link to my other, related hubs from my hubs and have never noticed it having a negative impact on my hubber score.

  3. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    Hubpages is exempt from the 2 links limit.

  4. artsandlearning profile image59
    artsandlearningposted 4 years ago

    Till the date, I haven’t linked any of my hub. So will not be able to say exactly does it matter to hubber score. But hopefully it will not have any negative impact as you are linking them from hub pages only.

  5. Martin Heeremans profile image73
    Martin Heeremansposted 4 years ago

    as said by a previous commenter, linking to other hubs, providing there not over the acceptable limit, won't affect your hubscore.
    However excessive links will. Especially if they're overly promotional. Linking to attribute a picture or other content will lower the hubscore and count as an outbound link. All in all, there shouldn't be more then 2 quality links in your hubs if your expecting them to have a high hubscore.
    If you link to your your profile, not an individual hub, not only will they find the hub you want them to see, they may also find more hubs of interest. Not only that, you are building up your profile status with quality backlinks.