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Ability to personalize our profile page.

  1. prestonandkate profile image93
    prestonandkateposted 4 years ago

    Would the hubpages staff ever consider building tools that allow hubbers to personalize their homepage / profile page? Are there some design options you could build to allow for our profile page to reflect a little more about what we hub about or who we are? For example, what about the freedom to create and insert our own banner across the top of the page? Or maybe a variety of options we can choose from to arrange our hub icons? Maybe some different formatting options?

    1. Cardisa profile image92
      Cardisaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I doubt that Hubpages would do that. What they have said in the past is that they wish to keep a consistent look throughout the site, hence having the same font type, font color,basic layout and so forth. I kinda like the uniformity of it as well, though I know some hubbers would love to be able to make their profile page their own.

    2. Marisa Wright profile image99
      Marisa Wrightposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      As Cardisa said, I think it's highly unlikely.   HubPages is not about individuals:  it's an online magazine, on which we are all staff writers.  If you look at any site which has staff profiles, they are all consistent in look and feel. 

      If you doubt that's the philosophy, then just take a look at one of your Hubs.   Your byline and photo are very small.  Unless you use the Group function, there is no place where your other Hubs are displayed (except by chance).   The whole navigation of HubPages encourages readers to browse around by topic, rather than identify and follow individual writers. 

      As for the profile, when HubPages redesigned it two years ago, they were actually proposing to hide the author's bio


      You will get followers, but they are other Hubbers, not your readers.  There's no way for a non-member to sign up to follow you.

    3. profile image0
      calculus-geometryposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Since you can set your own background image and there's a wide margin on the side, you could make one so that there's a vertical banner on one side of your profile. It won't be clickable and take the reader to another site though, if that's what you had in mind.

      1. prestonandkate profile image93
        prestonandkateposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Great idea calculus-geometry. That's a possibility for us.

  2. prestonandkate profile image93
    prestonandkateposted 4 years ago

    Ooooh...like an online magazine. I had never thought of Hubpages like that before. You're right that there are many aspects of Hubpages that takes the individuality away from the Hubber.

    Hm...thanks for your responses.

  3. Thomas Swan profile image97
    Thomas Swanposted 4 years ago

    It might be good if more of the profile features were optional. In particular, the "my activity" tab on the profile page is something that could cause problems. Right now I've got this rather obsessive weirdo using it to visit all the same pages as me in order to troll me around the site. I do ignore the child, but doing that seems to make it cry for attention even more.

    Come to think of it, why not create a block feature? That would solve these sort of problems with one click.

    I suppose I'm not too bothered though. All things considered, the work this person puts into trying to offend me is actually quite flattering. Still, some of these nutters are more effective at upsetting people, so it would probably be a useful feature. I think g+, twitter, and facebook all have block features for this reason.