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Should Google Panda be called Google censorship?

  1. wabond profile image78
    wabondposted 3 years ago

    No one seems to know how Google Panda works,  so is it a secret form of censorship where Google has the power to stop ideas it doesn't like.

    1. relache profile image88
      relacheposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You might want to actually look up censorship, and what that means.

      1. Alastar Packer profile image84
        Alastar Packerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        How about something constructive instead of suggesting good writers go look-up a word in the dictionary.

    2. Alastar Packer profile image84
      Alastar Packerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Freshness, authority, G+, content thieves etc., and probably the dictionary word censorship to some degree, all play a part in it.

  2. mommytalks profile image61
    mommytalksposted 3 years ago

    It has nothing to do with stopping ideas that G doesn't like and everything to do with money! Search is BIG business! And, unless there is some genius way you have to get the rest of the world to suddenly switch to Bing or another search engine, then we are all stuck with the monopoly that G has on search! FYI: G has 67% of the traffic, while the other several HUNDRED search engines share the remaining scraps.....

  3. LeanMan profile image87
    LeanManposted 3 years ago

    Google really began on the grassy knoll many years back and is backed by a family of super rich bankers  who live in area 51......................

  4. wabond profile image78
    wabondposted 3 years ago

    I would agree with you mommytalk but recently I have been trying to find some web-sites that I used to visit, and now cannot find them.  It seems that the internet is being dumb-down. Yes, Google has a monopoly and can use in whatever way it likes, to support big business and to promote whatever they want.

  5. LeanMan profile image87
    LeanManposted 3 years ago

    Google is I am afraid about giving the user what the user wants as well as making money...

    If you enter a search term that indicates you are going to buy something then google is going to return amazon and the rest in the search terms - after all why should a searcher have to go to a hubpage only to be then sent to amazon - just go straight to amazon!!! Yes they are making the big businesses happier but then they are also making the user happier....

    The only thing I hate is putting the paid advertising at the top of the search pages as if they were normal searches - the blue shading has got fainter and fainter and it is now almost impossible to tell that they are ads and not search results - my traffic really suffers if this happens for some of my keywords as it is just like losing a couple of places in the search results.

    As far as other searches are concerned I have no real complaints - on the whole bigger well established and respected sites get the rankings they deserve...

    If you have any real evidence of sites being totally excluded for no reason then please share so we can all see - I assume that you will be able to find them in all of the other search engines or did they all become part of the big Google conspiracy to prevent us knowing the real truth?

    1. wabond profile image78
      wabondposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Have tried bing, yahoo, ixquick and duckduck.go.  Not a lot a lot of difference in any of them.  No I don't have actual proof, but it has occurred to me that if you want to censor the internet, then Google Panda is the perfect tool to do this.