Does your YouTube Video & Hub Compete for Traffic?

  1. Jacob J Morris profile image96
    Jacob J Morrisposted 3 years ago

    So I have several articles I want to add video to--where the hub and video are associated. However, I know many of you have discouraged against using HP Video in favor of YouTube videos.

    The big thing I've noticed with YouTube videos and Hub articles is that the hub and associated YouTube video rank separately, not together.

    When I do videos, the video and content are associated. Granted, I realize all the benefits of YouTube, just want to throw this topic out there.

    If I want to continue to push the quality of my Hubs up and up (and their rankings), then I would presume there's tremendous value in converting your Hub to video format, and taking advantage of the video boost you might get. Whereas with YouTube, you're article and video are somewhat competing against each other I think.



    1. Arthur Keyword profile image60
      Arthur Keywordposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I thought that youtube videos they kind of boosted the hubs traffic, with your thoughts am also in a dilemma. But am looking forward to follow up this conversation