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Worries about Kontera

  1. jim.sheng profile image60
    jim.shengposted 8 years ago

    I haven't been here quite a long time, I am not sure if it's appropriate to ask the question here.

    It's quite handy to generate an "all the time", or "since last payment" report for Google Adsense, but as for Kontera,  how can I get the report for all the time since I registered my account? There are custom dates for me to choose from, but it seems the starting date always keeps changing, last time I can get my report starting from 2008-9-19, but today I can only start from 2008-9-24, and revenues seem keep changing too, I mean, it seem doesn't increase all the time, sometimes decrease!

  2. rmshdc profile image60
    rmshdcposted 8 years ago

    I am too not comfortable using reports in Kontera.  It is all confusing and not able to take out the reports I that would like to see.  In Adsense it very easy and several report options are available, if someone can give some tips how to use report effectively Kontera, I will be greatful.

    thanks in advance.  and thanks JIM.SHENG for raise this question.

  3. jim.sheng profile image60
    jim.shengposted 8 years ago

    I double checked my Kontera report, and it does seem to drop some data. I saved my last report (date from 2008-09-19 to 2009-03-17), but this time I can not go back to 2008-9-19, I can only go back to 2008-9-24, so I generate anther report dated from 2008-9-24 to 2009-3-17, and found that at least in one channel click through decreased (not accumulated instead) from 311 to 308, and revenue decreased 9.95 to 9.83.

    As far as I could recall from my bad memory, I found I had less revenue in my last report than the one before last.

  4. jim.sheng profile image60
    jim.shengposted 8 years ago

    Hi, guys, I got the quick response from Kontera, daily reports can only date back over 180 days, overall revenues earned since you joined can be obtained by sending them an e-mail with that request through the "Help" tab in the Kontera Publisher Center. In the "Select Issue" field select "Payment Issue" from the drop-down menu and your request will be automatically directed to our Accounting Department that will issue the comprehensive revenue report per you request.