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  1. profile image51
    Lisaandersonposted 9 years ago

    I ordered a diet pill from Acai Burn last night and stupid me didnt look much into it i guess you could say i got sucked in by it without knowing.
    Im worried because i dont want the product after reading all the scams about it.
    I have tried to email them with no luck to tell them that i no longer want the product and not to charge me at all i have also tried to ring them and the number does not exsist at all. I just dont know what to do and how to stop them from taking money from my credit card . Does anybody know how to get through this please help if you do im really worried

    Kind Regards

    Lisa Anderson

    1. profile image48
      andreawilliamsposted 8 years agoin reply to this


      If there was some confusion about your subscription, we honestly didn't mean to inconvenience you in any way.  Our goal is not to inconvenience our customers .The terms and conditions of our offer are very visible on the order page, they are stated on the order page where you confirm your order, located directly to the top of where your credit card information was entered. There is also a link at the top of the home page that opens up the terms and conditions in a separate window. Customer service is our number one priority and we do everything we can to be open with all of our customers. Of course, mistakes can be made; and if you were not aware of our terms and conditions in our site, we are happy to offer you a full refund if you return the unused product back to us. We have always honored our 30-day guarantee and will continue to do so.

      You can talk to customer support seven days a week. Our U.S.-based help lines are also staffed each and every day of the week to respond to any questions you may have both before and after your order. Simply call us at 888-591-2190 or visit our 24/7 live help at and we will be happy to walk you through the entire cancellation process.

      Your satisfaction is our number one concern,


  2. Harlem6 profile image60
    Harlem6posted 9 years ago

    Can't you call your credit card company and cancel anymore payments to them? You already bought it, my best guess is that you'll have to eat the mistake and just cancel the card or cancel the payment. They can't steal your money if the credit company won't let them.

  3. DarleneMarie profile image60
    DarleneMarieposted 9 years ago

    Call your credit card company.  Explain that you've tried to reach a customer service person; however, the number is not in service. They can possibly do what is called a "charge back" to put the money back into your account.

  4. Lissie profile image78
    Lissieposted 9 years ago

    Pretty sure the OP is the scam not the story

  5. profile image0
    SirDentposted 9 years ago


  6. Harlem6 profile image60
    Harlem6posted 9 years ago

    what's the status on your situation?

  7. brad4l profile image80
    brad4lposted 9 years ago

    I agree with DarleneMarie. You can typically dispute the charges on your credit card, at which point you will be given the opportunity to explain the situation to the bank. Often, the credit card companies will side with the consumer, but this depends on the details of the situation.

    In regards to the diet pills, I was reading an article the other day, where they stated that many of the "all natural" diet pills actually use existing diet medicines to show results and are not really "all natural."

    Anyway, sorry to hear about your problems.

  8. WizardOfOz profile image59
    WizardOfOzposted 8 years ago

    nothing natural about bottled vitamins, herbs, berries, etc.

    I make that claim all inclusive.  Organic medicine IS a scam.

    1. WizardOfOz profile image59
      WizardOfOzposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      re: CC scam.  It should be an easy process to dispute any bad practice and have the money returned to you.  I have been through this process more than a few times.  Always had my money returned.  I could cite examples from total scum feeding scammers up to possible mistakes of very high profile companies but with poor customer service.  In the end, I always got my money back but with patience (sometimes but a thread).  Talk to your bank.  Email the company and dont be helpful to them just make your demands in a diplomatic way and let them know you have approached the bank and why you are not happy.


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