Quiz Modules Not Transferred

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  1. ajgodinho profile image85
    ajgodinhoposted 5 years ago

    Hi guys, just wanted to post my experience here with regards to editing my first Squidoo lens/hub.

    My lenses got transferred late last night and though I've not had much time to look at all of them, I did manage to check some random lenses. I noticed that the quiz modules have not transferred and I guess HP was aware of this. However, I got a concern that I would like to share.

    Given that one of my quiz lenses was created to help individuals prepare for their Canadian citizenship test and is accessed every day, I decided to update it first. On this Squidoo lens, I had a lot of text content in the description section of the quiz modules. This specific lens had 6 quizzes with each of the modules having text content in them (approximately 150 to 200 words in each quiz module).

    Since these quiz modules didn't transfer over to my hub, I inserted new HP quiz capsules. And for the text content portion of my quiz modules, I inserted Text capsules (since HP quiz capsules don't have a description section) and pasted the text content into these capsules.

    In the past, I've discovered that many of my Squidoo lenses have been plagiarized by others and in most of these cases, I've been able to either contact the blogger or file a DMCA take down. So, I did a quick check on the content that I wrote for this specific Canadian Citizenship Test Squidoo lens and I noticed that a lot of my content has been plagiarized (verbatim) by a blogger sometime in January 2014. I just found out, for the first time, today when I decided to check.

    I've sent a note to the blogger to remove the content from their blog. And if I don't hear from the blogger, I will file a DMCA report. However, in the interim, I'm not sure if this will get my newly edited hub penalized for duplicate content - I really hope not.

    This particular lens, that was transferred, did not have a red skull and didn't show any violations. So far after editing, I don't see any violation notices either, but I guess it takes a day or so for it to go through the HP quality check process? I'm hoping I will be ok and don't get penalized for duplicate content.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts and advice. Thanks much!

    P.S: Apologies for the long-winded post.

    1. Marina Lazarevic profile image93
      Marina Lazarevicposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi ajdoginho! You shouldn't get penalized since your Hub was transferred over as published and Featured (meaning we have the original publish date from Squidoo). If you had published this as a brand new Hub on HubPages, you likely would have run into duplicate content issues.

      If that ever happens in the future, please email us and someone will help you straighten it out.

      1. ajgodinho profile image85
        ajgodinhoposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Hi Marina, thanks much for your prompt response...I really appreciate it! Also, thanks for the reassurance regarding the concern I raised on the potential duplicate content issue. Stay blessed!

  2. TonyPayne profile image80
    TonyPayneposted 5 years ago

    Did you manage to get your quiz questions and answers across ok?

    If you haven't found a way yet, the best I have found is to go into your Squidoo dashboard, edit the lens and then go through the questions/answers in the quiz modules, copying/pasting/re-typing into a new quiz capsule in your hub.

    Since the quiz data doesn't seem to have been backed up and didn't transfer across to the hubs, this I believe is the only way to access it, and after 1st October when Squidoo takes the lenses offline, I assume this will no longer be accessible, to time is of the essence.

    1. favored profile image48
      favoredposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Since we have had to fix so many problems I would hope they would extend taking down the Squidoo site.  I've been doing what you suggested Tony but if the capsule won't let you edit I'm not sure what to do. 

      ajgodinho were you successful in fixing quizzes?

      1. TonyPayne profile image80
        TonyPayneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        I edited my lens via the Squidoo dashboard. The edit button is still there (for me at least) and I was able to edit the quiz modules. I had to edit each question to see the answers, but then could transcribe everything into the quiz capsule in the hub.

        It's a real shame when you have to lose things like that, and some of my quizzes were popular.

        The Duel modules are something else that didn't come across well (separate comments capsules). Not sure whether to keep these or not. I might if there are some good answers.

        1. ajgodinho profile image85
          ajgodinhoposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          Tony, yes, the Edit button in Squidoo still works for me too and it made transferring the data from my quizzes much easier. That was a lifesaver for sure.

          With regards to the Duel modules, yes, I noticed that they look messy on my new hub. Though I didn't use that module much, I do have a couple of lenses on which I've used it, but I think I will have to delete it because it makes the hub look quite untidy. It's a shame because many readers provided their feedback.

          An alternate option is to move it towards the bottom of the hub. However, in my case, I would have to move the other section to the bottom as well because the Duel module was sort off linked to that particular section. So in my case I don't think it will work, at least on one of my lenses. Though, I haven't hit the Edit button on that hub, so I don't know what other options are available at this time.

    2. ajgodinho profile image85
      ajgodinhoposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi @TonyPayne and @favored yes, I managed to get the quizzes fixed. I did exactly what Tony suggested because I found that was the easiest and fasted way. The backups do not include the quizzes, but I've also backed up my quizzes in a Word document when I first created them. Yes, I believe, after Oct 1st, we won't have access to our Squidoo dashboard so it's best to manually back up the quizzes.

      Thanks for your input guys!

    3. Wednesday-Elf profile image80
      Wednesday-Elfposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Tony, thanks so much for commenting on this.  I did a forum search to try and find an answer to what I should do when I (today) discovered my one-and-only quiz did not transfer.  I did not have a record of the quiz questions and answers because it was originally a 'gift' lens and even though I saved all my Squidoo lenses, I did not go into the quiz and get all the data.  If you hadn't mentioned going through my (former) Squidoo lens, I would have been lost (or at the very least have to create a whole new quiz and this one was such fun.  I've now saved it in a word doc and will add my own quiz capsule and 're-insert the quiz part to my lens-now-Hub.  Thanks, my friend. It worked just fine for me.

      1. TonyPayne profile image80
        TonyPayneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Pleased that helped smile

        What concerns me is all those members who have not yet tried to edit their transferred lenses with quizzes and who will find to their horror come 1st October that they have lost their quiz questions and answers, because nobody at Squidoo said anything about what was NOT backed up.

        Not all of us have the time to go and revamp all our hubs immediately. I have a full time job plus other commitments, and I know it's going to take me until Christmas before I have all my hubs sorted out, if not later.

        The priority for all of us should I think be to (a) salvage everything you are likely to lose (ie: quizzes) and then to (b) fix up hubs that are in violation and (c) fix up those with the highest traffic.

        For me it's a mixture of (b) and (c) because I need to try and retain my earnings by fixing up the best traffic hubs, yet I still need to be aware of losing the quiz data.

        There is nothing of course that says you can't fix up the quizzes and move along without making those hubs perfect. That can be done later.

        1. Wednesday-Elf profile image80
          Wednesday-Elfposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          @TonyPayne - I just feel lucky that I chose yesterday to update my one quiz and learned about the possibility to go into 'edit' on the lens on Squidoo in order to gather my quiz data that was missing. Once Squidoo is 'good and gone' I would have had no way to retrieve those questions/answers I needed to recreate the quiz over here in a Hub, as my 'saved' versions from my dashboard won't let you go 'into' the quiz past question No. 1 ...I tried - smile 

          Was there anything else you've found did not transfer that we should be checking before the end of the month? smile

          1. TonyPayne profile image80
            TonyPayneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

            I think the quizzes are the only thing, at least the only thing that I have found.

            The other module that might be best deleting is the Duel module, since in my case at least each side of the duel is converted to comments modules. You might be able to do something with them, but I am choosing to just remove the content.

            Everything else seems ok, it's just a lot of work to replace modules by the more appropriate capsules, for example instead of Amazon with a fixed product and a description, it's better to make the Amazon capsule a product selected by keywords, and to add a text capsule below it with the description, sliding the amazon capsule to the right of it.


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