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My Hub scores are varying almost every hour.

  1. SAQIB6608 profile image51
    SAQIB6608posted 2 years ago

    One of my hubs had a score of 59, after an hour it turned to 57, then after two hours almost it was 67. Now It its on 71. Is it due to traffic or can't just get it. Can any one explain please.

    1. chinawapzz profile image61
      chinawapzzposted 2 years ago in reply to this

      Please why is my hub not publish and featured

    2. Sharlee01 profile image82
      Sharlee01posted 2 years ago in reply to this

      My page views  stayed the same for 11 days. Yesterday page views started to change going backwards, and are still going backwards today. None of the statistics here match what I have at Google Analytic. I am frustrated.. I have notified hubpages  of my problems, and hey do write back with the message that the problem is being worked on??? I own several other web sites, none are experiencing any drop in traffic.So not sure about this Panda rumor. I am not so willing to blame this on Google this time." Its only my opinion", I hubpages have some serious glitches that they are working on. If there is a big problem brewing, I wish they would be truthful, and tell use how long it will take to fix..

  2. relache profile image85
    relacheposted 2 years ago

    HubScores are meant to fluctuate.  No one can explain exactly why to you.