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Confused about verifying 2nd hubpages acct to adsense

  1. MacsTop10 profile image79
    MacsTop10posted 3 years ago

    This is my second Hubpages acct. My first one has been doing really well but I wanted to create a completely different hub domain due to difference in topics/style.

    I already have a Google Adsense associated w/my first Hubpage acct. My Google Adsense acct. is also active here on Hubpages, but when I go to Google Webmaster Tools to verify I get these options:

    Recommended method
    Recommended: Google Analytics
    Use your Google Analytics account.
    You must be using the asynchronous tracking code .
    Your tracking code should be in the  section of your page.
    You must have the "edit" permission for the Analytics web property.

    Alternate methods

    HTML file upload
    Upload an HTML file to your site.
    HTML tag
    Add a meta tag to your site's home page.
    Domain name provider
    Sign in to your domain name provider.
    Google Tag Manager
    Use your Google Tag Manager account.

    I can't figure out which method to use or how to do them. I don't understand how to use an " asynchronous tracking code" in the recommended method.

    Can someone help me please? Thank you.

  2. MacsTop10 profile image79
    MacsTop10posted 3 years ago

    Thanks WriterFox, for responding, but I've been through those instructions a few times and they don't help me at all.

    What that page says will happen when I try to verify my account is not one of the options I'm given when I go to verify my account with Google.

    Of the options I'm given (the ones I list in my original message) I don't understand how to use them.

    1. Writer Fox profile image63
      Writer Foxposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      When you added the new subdomain, you were given a new tracking code just for that new subdomain (the number starts with UA-).

      You have to enter this new number into Hubpages.  Then, wait a minute or two, and go back to Google to verify the account.

      Often, some people try to use the same tracking code for both HP subdomains, and that doesn't work.

  3. MacsTop10 profile image79
    MacsTop10posted 3 years ago

    Thank you, that's just what i did. That was very helpful, much obliged.