Disseminate a clear statement about how Moderation works

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    makingamarkposted 3 years ago

    Can I suggest there is a clear statement in all parts of the Forum about
    1) how a Forum is monitored and moderated; and
    2) when and how to alert a Moderator.
    (i.e. in the Forum and not the FAQs - possibly in the "Post a New Discussion" box?)

    People joining HubPages may well think that the practices relating to monitoring and moderation in the various Forums are comparable with some of those employed elsewhere. I'm sure many have been and will be be surprised to find that Moderators are NOT monitoring most Forums and frequently rely on reports to find out about anything untoward happening in a Forum.

    I've read a number of negative comments in different places about the standard of moderation of the HubPages Forum. I think these are mostly made by people who don't realise that Moderation works very differently on HubPages.

    There also seems to be a line of thinking that "making a report" to the Moderators is something you should NOT do.

    These views seem to me to contradict the perspective HubPages would like people to have of
    * the Forums and how they work; and
    * how Hubbers can help Moderators maintain Forums as pleasant places to be

    I wonder if some much clearer signposting might do the trick?

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      makingamarkposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      BTW - I don't mean it shouldn't also be in the FAQS - just that such a statement has much more relevance and impact if seen while in the Forum