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Need some help! ASAP!

  1. mayhmong profile image67
    mayhmongposted 8 years ago

    My fellow Hubbers I need help!

    Need some help here with my younger sister who is at the age of 22. You see she started acting weird like my brother did a few years ago. My brother who is two years older than me is already diagnose with schzophernia. That matter was already bad enough to deal with in the first place. My brother is fine now, after intense therapy and having to stay in the mental institute for years, he manages to behave but is still having difficulty.

    Anyways, my sister started acting violent lately with my family. They begged and asked me to take her in. I said no, because I am never home 90% of the time due to work. My family had done everything they could for my sister. My sister refuses to seek help and claims that she's not psycho. She always managed to lie in front of the doctors and proves to them that shes normal. So that being said, no prescription was written for her sake. They tried sending her to the psych ward, but found no reason to take her in since she's okay.

    From what I heard, she had set the  backyard forest on fire, and yes it was so bad that they had to call the fire department to put it out. She moves things and either throws it away for no reason or hid it such as everyone's mails. She had also locked every door in the house for no reason. Dad had to change the locks for every door after that. She also likes to turn on all lights and heat, increasing the energy bill to over $300 a month. Not to mention she tries to wash her own clothes in the bathtub, without rinsing it out. Throws it into the dryer which made it broke. I heard that she sleeps outside sometimes for no reason. Worse of all, she can be abusive and blows up randomely towards my mom and youngest sibling. So everyone makes sure to hide knives away. They go to bed with their bedroom doors locked for safety.

    I mean, I already looked in to group homes and they are expensive! Most of them wouldn't accept her in unless she sees a doctor and have a written note that saids she is mentally ill. My parents wanted to charge her for abusing them. But the court never saw them last week according to schedule, and making matters worse, my sister was sent back home with them too. They had also placed her in other friends and relatives houses and she's not doing any better there either.

    We love her very much, and wish the best for her. We do not want her to be homeless and live out in the streets. If someone has a better suggestion, please lemme know!!!! ASAP!!!

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    C. C. Riterposted 8 years ago

    Dear, I have a son in the same situation, but he is now locked up in jail for his problems and his own demons that drove him almost to madness. An ex marine too and when he takes his medication properly he is fine. But they all think there is nothing wrong with them. I don't have any answers, but I'm here for you to talk to. I hope the best  for you and your family. I really do. Shalini Kagal has a hub on that problem, check it out. she has good sound advice for you on treatments that are natural. I'll find the link and repost it here.


    1. mayhmong profile image67
      mayhmongposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks CC!

      When I read that hubpage, it was all so true! Not only does the one who suffers with schizo but everyone else is effected by the behavior too. I'll look more in to that vitamin they mentioned. It would really help my siblings out.

  3. Lisa HW profile image72
    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    mayhmong, if they're afraid of her; and they all live in the US, they may have to get a restraining order on her.

    Might she be able to go, by herself, to the local welfare agency; and ask them if she could get some help with public housing or emergency shelter until she is either able to work or get some kind of financial assistance for people who cannot work? 

    If she is not so mentally ill that it is obvious to doctors, then she is aware enough that her family is saying she's mentally ill.  That probably makes her feel awfully alone, and she probably feels that she cannot trust anyone.  If she's not so mentally ill that she's unaware of the reality around her, she's probably also angry at everyone for things like being sent to the mental hospital.

    Might you be able to talk to her "as a friend" and as someone she can trust, and try to help her figure out what she can do to move out of your parents' home?  She probably isn't happy there under the circumstances; but maybe she needs someone she can trust to help her figure out which steps she can try to take to see if she can help getting out.

    (Is there any chance she was just smoking in the yard and accidentally set the fire?  )

    If what I've offered is useless (and I know you are in a difficult situation), please disregard my attempts to try to think of something helpful.

  4. mayhmong profile image67
    mayhmongposted 8 years ago

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for responding! I'm doing all I can to help my folks out. I just came back from visiting them this week. Everyone was doing alright except for her. She was always isolated from us and is still causing trouble around the house. She likes frying bacon all the time. I had to cut the stove off once because she left it on high and forgets about it all the time like my mom saids. Yeah, they were some pretty brunt bacons. I had to tell my little sis to keep an eye on the kitchen, or else she may set the whole place on fire?! To make matters worse, they would leave her home alone unsupervised?!

    I tried talking to her and inviting her to shop with us. She either saids no or doesn't respond. I feel like she's a vegetable just sitting there with no sun or water. She's dying inside and refuse to seek help. She is getting worse from every visit. Hmmm....