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New kid on the block has a question...

  1. gerrielynn profile image81
    gerrielynnposted 3 years ago

    Hi, I have my first article about to go up, but I've decided I want to have a picture of myself on all my hubs rather than the generic person outline.  I've gone to my profile to try to upload a photo of myself, but can't seem to see where I can actually upload. 

    Anybody out there able to help me on this one?

    Also...I understand that breaking one's hub into smaller hubs looks better and is more appealing to anyone who might stop by, but I am not understanding how to do this during my editing process.
    (I may not have the hubpages lingo correct yet, but I am speaking of my article and wondering how to break into the middle of it to add something like a quote, photo, etc.)

    Any helpful people out there that can direct me on this issue as well?


    1. SheilaMilne profile image95
      SheilaMilneposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      If you want photos or quotes within the body of the text, you first need to break you text up into separate capsules or blocks of text.  You can have as many text capsules/modules as you wish and then between them you can insert a photo, or a callout (for a quote).  The sub-headings for each capsule make the finished article easier to scan or read too.

      When you get used to the system, you may find it easier to do this as you go along: write a paragraph or two, add a photo, then continue writing.

      1. gerrielynn profile image81
        gerrielynnposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        SheilaMiline, thank you.  I'm not sure how to take my fairly long article and break it up at this point.  When I move the capsule to where I want to insert something, it seems to navigate itself to the bottom of my already written article.  I suppose I should write a wee bit and then save.   Then insert something (like a picture, quote, etc.) and save...then write more on my article and save, etc.  Does this sound right?  Yes, I will find it easier the more I do.    I appreciate your taking the time!

        1. Whatsittoyou profile image90
          Whatsittoyouposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          When you add a capsule (photo, text) it will automatically go to the bottom of the article.  On the right hand side of your screen, below where you chose the capsule to add, there is a sentence that says something like "organize your content".  If you click on that it will open up and show all of your capsules in order.  Then you can drag and drop the capsules into any order that you would like.

          I tend to fill in the new capsule, before I move it, as sometimes I have a hard time to see/find them when they are empty.

  2. paradigm search profile image60
    paradigm searchposted 3 years ago


    Then click the image; upload capability will be enabled.

  3. gerrielynn profile image81
    gerrielynnposted 3 years ago

    Thanks so much, paradigm.  It worked just fine this time!

  4. Eccentric-Lhee profile image91
    Eccentric-Lheeposted 3 years ago

    To change the generic person on your profile, go to your profile, click edit profile and click the picture that is currently on your profile, it should allow you to upload it so it shows up on your profile page and all your hubs. Hope this helps! Welcome to Hubpages!

  5. Robin profile image
    Robinposted 3 years ago

    Welcome to HubPages!  There is a video in the right tool bar when editing your Hub on how to use the HubTool; It should help you understand a bit better on how to build your Hub using capsules.  I took a look at your first Hub and I think your off to a great start!  Thanks for sharing. 

    Before you publish, I always recommend that new Hubbers check out our Learning Center.  In particular, I'd look at these three Learning Center Hubs:  Elements of a Stellar Hub, HubPages Style Guide, Passing the Quality Bar on HubPages.

    Best of luck to you! smile

    1. gerrielynn profile image81
      gerrielynnposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I certainly have a lot to learn.  Thanks so much.  I will check all of these out.  You all are so helpful and I appreciate it.