Regarding hub earnings and linking paypal account

  1. Devyani1991 profile image72
    Devyani1991posted 2 years ago

    i am not able to figure out as to how do i link my paypal account and how do i get paid for the hubs. Kindly help me out regarding this.

  2. camarochix72 profile image90
    camarochix72posted 2 years ago

    To link your Paypal account:

    1.  Go to Earnings
    2.  Click Settings (second row of buttons, first option)
    3.  Scroll down to Payment Settings
    4.  Configure
    5.  Enter your the answer to your security question
    6.  Then you associate your account with your Paypal by entering the email you use for your Paypal account and follow your normal Paypal sign in to verify that this is, in fact, your account.

    I usually receive an automatic payment into my Paypal account once my earnings have gone over $50

  3. LindaSmith1 profile image59
    LindaSmith1posted 2 years ago

    First thing.  HP pays your through your pay pal account.  There is no linking. You simply give PayPal information to HP.

    Second: You don't get paid for hubs.  You earn directly through Adsense which has a $100 minimum payout

    The HP earnings program is also an HP Ad program.  You need Adsense account to earn anything through HP earnings program.  You can opt into the HP Amazon program, or use your own Amazon Associates program.

    Currently, you have 2 hubs and unless you already have an Adsense Account, 2 hubs won't cut it with Google Adsense, therefore you will not be able to participate in HP earnings program.

    Your only option to earn without Adsense account is through sales with your own Amazon associate account, Commission Junction, etc.  Click Bank is prohibited.

    If you would go to Hub Pages Learning Center, and read, this information is there.

    Adsense also requires you to have a website, etc for 6 months before applying.  You also need at least 15-20 quality hubs before they will even consider approving you for Adsense.  If they deny you, add more hubs, wait a month and apply again.