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    GeneriqueMediaposted 8 years ago

    ...thank you everyone who has visited my Hubs in these recent weeks. I know, I know, I keep thanking everyone, and to some, I've probably come off sounding like a little sod. But I have quickly become better at doing this stuff, and through DL and all of your positive feedback, and through these HubForums..I have been given a new voice, and a new focus in my life.

    You have given me confidence, motivation...a drive to wake up and create something new every day. To find new ways to entertain, question, and make use of HubPages. I'm addicted to the challenge. I'm hacking journalism, philosophy, media, and comedy... then throwing it into a package. Some of them suck, some of them rock, and at times, they can all be long winded.

    So thats whats I've come to do, to continue to gain an audience and keep that which I've begun to grow. And why?

    Here's why:

    Yesterday I was at work and this "crazy lady" (we call her, anyway) who has been thrown out of every shopping center in my small town that most people run from her. Like I've tried to point out through my time on this site, I value everyones point of view. Its ridiculous to think a twenty four year old has any or all answers. So I am curious, curious, curious...

    And to achieve that, I've got to always be overwhelmingly nice and positive. Even when people, like this lady, who I've been dealing with at work for months has yelled at me, slapped me, and just sometimes made me want to smoke a whole pack of cigs in one sitting. (I'm trying to quit..)

    The other day, one of the OTHER customers that comes in to play lotto helped me out (without me asking!) by taking control of this lady, showing her how she was making mistakes, etc. etc. I was impressed.

    But I've always been Silent Bob. Now, I'm (Silent-like) Jay Bob. Through my growth in my audience on this site, through interacting with so many cool people, you dear HubPages have given me profound new confidence. And by working my way through one of my projects (you'll be able to guess what that is..) I have quickly learned to recontexualize everything.

    I have ADD, my brain seems to operate at a high rate of speed compared to others. I used to be all jittery and touch everything...but over the years I've become silent, learned not only to kill that obsessive jumpy kid inside, but to harness that extra speed to think in many ways at once.

    And now, via HubPages, you've helped me help someone else.

    Crazy Lady yesterday gave me a lotto slip. It wasn't marked correctly, and this is usually the case. I had other customers in line. She starts to yell at me, saying "Everytime I give this to you..." and I began to yell, but after two sentences my brain kicked in and said "Hey idiot, been here before? Try something different!"

    So I said.."Look, Sheila, we've been dancing this dance for months. Everytime you bring something up to me, you make me defensive, and then I get angry, and wait for you to leave so I can take a smoke. So how about you grab a slip, bring it up here, and fill it out while I check these others out. When you're done, I'll be happy to go over it with you and we'll make sure its right."

    She thinks, agrees, and the rest my friend...is history. You've helped me learn to solve problems in my life, and given me the confidence to do so.

    Thank you, sincerely.

    Psyhosophically yours,

    GLM // KJ

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      AEvansposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I am certainly glad that you find all of us to be resourceful, thoughtful and empathetic. It is always great to have a new voice and no matter what we are a community, and we do look out for each other, less the perverts and psychos. smile

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    GeneriqueMediaposted 8 years ago

    And also..I got my first medal. I've now had over 1000 views. smile


    And I'll be adding to all of yours...need to stop making new stuff and get in with y'all more. 'cause thats how all this works...communicating, interacting, intriguing..blah blah. Ad nauseum.