Highlighting "Spamming Element" Violations

  1. iijuan12 profile image86
    iijuan12posted 22 months ago

    Would it be possible for editors to highlight what they consider to be "spammy violations" on our pages -- at least when a page is not flagrantly spammy? It is quite difficult to produce a hub worthy of featuring when the requirements are never clearly outlined. I have posted numerous times to the forums asking for advice, and most hubbers appear to be as confused as I am about the requirements for a featured hub.

    On almost all of my pages I have:
    -met and exceeded all of the page goals (words, images, additional capsules)
    -included only what I consider to be completely relevant and necessary amazon modules and links
    -have enough word counts to cover the number of amazon modules
    -don't have more than 2 amazon modules grouped together without having them separated by text modules

    What am I doing that is wrong? I have spent hundreds of hours (and I am not exaggerating) stabbing in the dark in an attempt to determine what exactly is causing my pages to become unfeatured, and rarely have I been successful in locating the violation(s).

    It would be of great benefit to hubpage authors if the editors could highlight the infractions so that we could spend fewer hours and days trying to locate the "spammy elements." 

    Thank you for taking the time to consider this issue!