Don't know if my google adsense in active or not?

  1. mtariqsattar profile image80
    mtariqsattarposted 2 years ago

    About a week before I resubmitted my application to get my google sense activated. It confused me immediately as right at the time of submission of my gmail: it said that this account ( that meant my gmail) already has an adsense account.

    I proceeded with the application, and in couple of hours or so I was given affiliate code of the adsense coupled with Status showing to be active ( status of my google adsense affiliate is active).

    However, when I clicked on my google adsense reports - this page is being shown: then it happen to show the earnings over the past week or in month and so on.

    I am just confused if my google adsense has been approved; so far I have not got any email of approval as yet.

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