Leaked: Google Search Quality Rater’s Guide: Mobile Rewrite 2015

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    janderson99posted 2 years ago
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    makingamarkposted 2 years ago

    "As a refresher, Google is having their raters look specifically at a site’s E-A-T… That is, analyzing the page’s “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness” or the lack of it."

    Goodie! smile  The Mega Niche Theory has legs!

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      makingamarkposted 2 years ago

      This gets even more interesting

      It has two brand new sections for
      1) Mobile Quality Guidelines
      2) A Needs Met rating

      Re. the latter

      "Needs Met refers to raters focusing on the mobile searcher’s needs and thinking about “how helpful and satisfying the result is for the mobile user?”

      This also falls back on something Gary Illyes has been saying both on Twitter and at conferences this year, saying site owners need to look at their site from the perspective of “how many visitors have I helped today?” and not just “how many visitors did I get.”"

      PLUS I think HubPages HQ need to read the section which reads as follows

      "Product Pages & Highly Meets

      There has been concern in the past about how much value Google places in product pages. But Google provides many examples of search results for products that do garner a highly meets rating – provided the search result delivers that product.

      They use several examples such as “kids backpacks” leading to a section of kid’s backpacks on a retailer site and “broadway tickets” query leading to the Ticketmaster page for Broadway shows."

      That suggests to me that Google thinks my curated book lists for people with very specific interests are definitely OK - in contrast to what HubPages thinks!  I'm so glad I don't delete hubs when HubPages unfeatures them. smile