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How to get followers

  1. Penelope Arrow profile image77
    Penelope Arrowposted 20 months ago

    I am new to HubPages and looking for some great advice!

    I just created a Facebook account strictly for my writing. I am not wanting to friend any of the same old college friends, or co-workers. How would you go about finding the right niche of people to begin adding?

    Also, I just finished my second Hub. I am attempting to get out at least 10 in the next week! I would love some feedback on the one story I have posted so far.

    Any and all advice is much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Marisa Wright profile image97
    Marisa Wrightposted 20 months ago

    If you want to build a following on Facebook, then you need to choose a niche subject for your writing.

    You will never succeed in building a following on Facebook just because people like your writing.  You build a following on Facebook by being knowledgeable and helpful about a particular subject, and creating a PAGE for that subject - not a separate Facebook account.

  3. robredman profile image53
    robredmanposted 20 months ago

    Welcome to HP.

    I think you should create a facebook fan page, not a facebook account if you want to get followers for your writing.

    Connect your facebook account / fan page link to you HP profile then people will follow you if your Hub is niche and something interest and be informative and do replies to your fan's doubts in FB.

    Getting followers in HP is useless if you want to earn some money because only the Hubbers / people who have the account in HP can follow you in HP. These people are writing something already in HP and know that ads trick. They are not going to click the ads shown around your Hubs.

    Even people visit your FB fan page from HP, all of 'em are not going to like your FB fan page. If you really want some serious followers you have to pay FB to promote your page. In that case, you have to pay for the FB campaign or ads.

    Paying FB for getting followers is really worth because Fb knows the right niche of people you want  if you correctly set up your ad settings.

  4. agilitymach profile image99
    agilitymachposted 20 months ago

    I have a pretty successful FB Fan Page, but, just as Marisa says, I write for a niche audience (dog agility competitors).  Since I am a dog agility competitor and instructor, I already knew that my target audience spends their online lives on Facebook, and I was already "plugged in" to the audience with my personal page.  It was fairly easy for me to start a new page, build a fan base, and now when I post a new hub, it takes off pretty easily as my readers "share" it across FB.

    I never advertised on FB.  I didn't need to, however I might have given it a go if I weren't plugged into my audience already.  If I did, I would REALLY set the advertisement perimeters to best target the audience I am trying to reach.

    Some authors do better on Pinterest because their topic of interest fits that site.  Pinterest is great for home ideas like cleaning, recipes, etc.  I bet it is also awesome for vacations.  I get a few (very few) Pinterest views, but my audience lives on FB.  Knowing where your audience lives online is key.  Maybe your audience actually lives on a specialized forum.  Maybe they have a group on FB.  Maybe they have a group on Google+.

    Here is my FB page for your reference:  https://www.facebook.com/agilitymach/

    I hold to some personal "rules" about my FB Fan Page.  First, I only use it to post articles I've written, and since I only write on HubPages (ie PetHelpful), I only post articles from here.  I don't ever use my 2.5K followers as a way to get out other information.  They signed up to be notified of when I publish articles, not when I want to "share" a cute meme.  I respect their Newsfeeds by only posting things they would expect from a "blogs and articles" fan page.  I also try to allow for controversial discussion on my page as long as it stays civil.  Not everyone is going to agree with my dog training opinions.  Third, I try to keep my page professional but friendly.  Fourth, I quickly respond to messages and inquiries on my page.  Some days, I can spend 45 minutes responding to requests to republish, questions, suggestions, etc.

    FB isn't where everyone on HP should be marketing.  Figure out what you want to mostly write about,and then figure out where the readers of that topic live online. smile

    1. Penelope Arrow profile image77
      Penelope Arrowposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you, that is very helpful!!

  5. Robilo2 profile image83
    Robilo2posted 20 months ago

    Pinterest is also a good site to promote your niche articles.