Okay, need some criticisms for two of my hubs...

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    NBYomiposted 19 months ago

    Okay I've got two hubs that I'vve been notified that I need to fix. Thing is I'mnot being told what exactly is wrong with them.

    I'm going to share these hubs one at a time, because the second on is really long, but here's what I write for the first one:

    The Transgendered bathroom issue, isn't a real issue
    Updated on June 5, 2016
    American Politics love wasting time.

    Disclaimer:This is an experiment of sorts to see what kind of posts/articles get the most attention." I signed up to earn some money to pay for college and to fund my entreprenurial endeavors as a self-published comic-book writer and artist. That said, if there's anything attending college and working at Pizza Hut have taught me, it's that some times you have to do things on a job you don't like, and if writing about politics will get my posts the attention needed for me to get paid than so be it."

    Now on to the matter at hand. This issue is roughly nine months old, and I'm not surprised that it's resurfaced. But about nine months ago, the denizens of Houston Texas, shot down the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, as the issue was over Transgendered people choosing the bathroom of their choice. The implication of the activists against transgendered bathroom have this looking like men are entering women's bathrooms and vice versa. And recently with a teenage boy in the Fort Worth Texas area identifying as a transgendered girl going into a girl's bathroom, and this case getting so much attention that it reached the White House. And as a result, similar laws allowing Transgendered bathrooms in South Dakota, North Carolina, Massachusettes are being debated. I can't help but feel this rather excessive. And here's why...

    I'm not heavily convinced that Transgendered people having their own bathrooms should be a thing. Mostly because of how the general transgendered person has already surgically altered themselves to their preferred gender. Recent examples are the Wachowski siblings and Caitlyn Jenner, as they went under the surgical knife in their late 40s/early 50s. Therefore the Trans-men have and do use the men's restrrooms and vice-versa with the transwomen. That being said, you gotta look at who made the argument:"Kids, second wave teenage Millennials" to be exact. And barring the fact that they're part of the current generational punching bag, (of which I'm ashamed to be the first wave of) what do teenagers usually want? The answer is:"Instant gratification." They don't wanna feel important ten years from now, much less three years from now. No, they wanna feel important "NOW!" And political activicism is the quickest way to do it. These kids wanna look back on their lives when they're old and gray and say:"I did something important with my life." They could join the military or the fields of Law Enforcement, Firefighting, or medical, but they're not mentally capable of such things. So instead of choosing a profession that requires effort and dedication, they choose something quick and easy.

    And they're not being told to wait, because kids this heavily ruled by their emotions are easy to control, which given how American politics work, especially in this election environment, is a plus.