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Feedback on my Hub: How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up

  1. Ashish Dadgaa profile image62
    Ashish Dadgaaposted 18 months ago

    Hi Hubbers,
    Here is my new Hub: How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up.
    I'd like some help with passing featured quality hub. I reckon Quality team has published my hub but on my desk it is show O = Not Featured - Quality.

    Will you please give feedback on how to improve quality and content of my Hub to make it featured.  http://hubpages.com/education/How-to-St … -Giving-Up

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    Thank You.

    Ashish Dadgaa

    1. theraggededge profile image100
      theraggededgeposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      There's a difference between 'published' and 'not featured'. Published means that it shows in your list of published hubs. Not featured means that it won't show up in search engine results.

      There are a few grammatical problems. You have missed out the definite article several times (the). "When I was in college, sometimes in morning..." should be 'in the morning'. That's the very first sentence so it will stand out like a sore thumb.

      Read your text aloud; it may help you pick up the errors.

      Your description of your 'Mountain Breaker' technique is a bit weak. It needs to uplift and motivate but it doesn't. Sorry. The problem (mountain) you are facing is that there are gazillions of motivational sites, blogs and articles out there... what can make yours special and persuade searchers to click on it?

      Make sure you have permission to use those images. The Wiki one is fine but the others must have a Creative Commons license in order for you to republish them.

      I think you could improve the layout of the hub considerably.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Ashish Dadgaa profile image62
        Ashish Dadgaaposted 18 months agoin reply to this

        Hello Ms.
        Thank you so much for review in my work and giving feedback on it.
        I will definitely make improvements as per your comment and try to publish it again.

        Thank you for your feedback smile

      2. Ashish Dadgaa profile image62
        Ashish Dadgaaposted 18 months agoin reply to this

        And yeah images are creative commons only. I got it from Google but those are free for creative and commercial use.

  2. NatashaL profile image81
    NatashaLposted 18 months ago

    An image is not free for use just because it's on Google.

    You should go to Pixabay or Unsplash or another site with Creative Commons images.

    The Hub is apparently no longer published, but based on the errors you had in your other Hubs, I'd give you the same advice theraggededge gave you.

    1.  Make an outline of the points you want to cover.  This also helps to be sure you're putting the same amount of attention into every point you list.  Think of this as a rough draft.
    2.  Arrange your Hub according to your outline.
    3.  Run each paragraph through a grammar checker.  This is something I've already suggested to you.
    4.  Write succinctly but with detail.
    5.  Every image should enhance your content in some way.
    6.  Vary the length of sentences.
    7.  Read similar Hubs that have passed QAP.  Why did theirs pass and yours didn't?

    But as I already told you, the single best thing you can do to be successful on HubPages is improve your English.  There are many helpful ESL sites out there that you can join or just visit to read the informational materials.  But you must make a commitment to improving your English before continuing to submit Hubs; otherwise your Hubs will continue to fail QAP.