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Changing Editor Edits

  1. Will Apse profile image93
    Will Apseposted 16 months ago

    I reckon HP want us to keep updating our hubs after they have been edited and moved to niches sites. I reckon they are also a little afraid that some hubbers will do more harm than good in the changes that they make.

    I've no doubt that many hubbers are anxious about changing editors edits.

    My particular concern is changing pages with Amazon ads. From time to time, I might want to replace a product. Perhaps there is a newer model. If I change the ads without increasing the number will there be a problem?

    If staff do not like the changes that I make will there be an email? Or will the page be immediately dropped into the pit of doom?

    There are numerous reasons why people might want to change a page. A little guidance on HP's attitudes to changing editors edits and updating pages would be welcome.

    edit: I need an editor to change 'chaging', lol. Hopelessly dependent on spellcheckers these days.

    1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image100
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Every time I feel the need to correct an edited niche hub, I first send an email to the team, tell them what I want to do and why, and ask if it's OK to do it.  Every time, they've said "go ahead".  This even happened once with Amazon ads.

      Your best bet is to do as I do because if you just go ahead and make changes, especially with ads, it can result in your hub being unfeatured and also the team has stated that in this type of situation, they may stop considering other hubs of yours for placement on the niche sites.

      It just takes a few minutes to shoot them an email, but it helps you to know where you stand with a specific situation.

      Recently I've seen some problems where the editor has made corrections where none were required,and in doing so, created mistakes.  This concerns me greatly. I'm waiting right now to hear from the team about making corrections.

      I think their biggest concern is Amazon abuse, but either way, asking first is the best way to protect your interests.

  2. Glenn Stok profile image100
    Glenn Stokposted 16 months ago

    Will, I have made many changes to niche hubs that were edited previously. I never had a problem. However, I never did anything against policy.

    I can't answer your question about if they will email you or just unfeature you since I never made any changes that required that action. But I have added text, changed Amazon ads, and even changed titles.

    I never added an additional Amazon ad though, but I did my own snipping when I felt an ad was not working anyway. I do a lot of that when I see fit. If an Amazon ad is not selling anything anyway, might as well make Google happy and get more traffic.

  3. Will Apse profile image93
    Will Apseposted 16 months ago

    I think the issue is, what exactly is the policy? Is there a place that I can find it?

    Anyway, I think the most important question is 'pit of doom' or 'reproving email'?

    If it is reproving email, I will feel free to make the changes that I think are necessary.

    If it is pit of doom, we are all hanging by a thread and best advised to change nothing, no matter how valuable it would be.

    1. Millionaire Tips profile image94
      Millionaire Tipsposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      That is a good question, and I don't know the answer.  However, I have found that the employees of HubPages are reasonable, so whatever happens, even if they unpublish the hub for quality, you will be able to correct the error and/or discuss the issue with them and get it published again.

    2. Glenn Stok profile image100
      Glenn Stokposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Everything is in the Learning Center, Will.

      Here is HP's Style Guide:

      https://hubpageshelp.com/standards/Lear … iting-Tips

      This is some additional helpful advice:

      https://hubpageshelp.com/content/Learni … se-traffic

      1. Will Apse profile image93
        Will Apseposted 16 months agoin reply to this

        The style guide is pretty comprehensive these days but I reckon some specific advice on making edits to pages in the niche sites would be useful.

        Most especially, I reckon people need to know the fate of a page if they make a mistake.

        Will it be unpublished, unfeatured (permanently or temporarily) returned to the main domain...

        I reckon reversion to a former, approved state while the writer gets into an email discussion with an editor would be a good option. Or changes not allowed to go live until approved.

        I don't see HP as being given to draconian measures but I reckon they should be allaying peoples anxieties and giving clear guidance.

  4. makingamark profile image50
    makingamarkposted 16 months ago

    Short digression....

    I really don't understand the HubPages policy on Amazon ads. It's always felt to me like a knee jerk response to an issue to do with the site as a whole and the fact that Google had fallen out with HP / content sites.

    1) I totally get the notion that pages should not be overloaded with ads. The site/page needs to be about content and not ads

    2) I don't understand why a host would want to reduce income from a major source. (Amazon has always been my major source of income given a number of topics I write about are very niche)

    3) I've never understood why the number of modules are not related to the TOTAL no. of relevant related words on the hub.
    * Hubs vary enormously in how much people write.
    * If the hub is completely focused on one topic why should you be limited to one product? (Or is the HP concept that everybody writes short hubs only?)
    * Plus why would you have a rule which relates to how much you say about the product if it relates to the whole hub?

    4) I've got sites elsewhere with multiple Amazon ads (for books) and it's not a problem - and is filling the gap for the dramatic loss of Amazon income from HubPages.

    My conclusion - HP has got it wrong on Amazon - because practice elsewhere that doesn't stick to the HP rules generates both traffic from Google and income from Amazon.  Mind you Google loves my sites!

    I'd think about leaving more content here if HP refined their Amazon policy. Practice at present is to build elsewhere, move content and delete hubs.

  5. iwrite100 profile image53
    iwrite100posted 16 months ago

    I thought of deleting my hubs but I changed my mind. At least, the date it was published will still be there rather than I make my own and publish it. I'm not sure though if this is a wise option or not.

  6. Robin profile image
    Robinposted 16 months ago

    You are welcome to make edits to your articles that are improvements!  No need to email us. We have a lot on our plates and don't have the time to have email exchanges with every author that wants to make a change.

    You are more than welcome to replace Amazon products that are for the benefit of your reader. As long as you are making changes for your reader, you will likely be fine.

    1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image100
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 16 months agoin reply to this

      How about edits that improve grammatical mistakes made by editors?  Are those also considered to be improvements?  I would think so, but I wonder why an editor would make these types of mistakes in the first place when the original wording was correct!

      1. Robin profile image
        Robinposted 16 months agoin reply to this

        Of course you are welcome to change mistakes that we made. We do our best, but we will make mistakes and it takes us working together to make a better piece. Thanks for being part of a team with us!

        1. Solaras profile image97
          Solarasposted 16 months agoin reply to this

          Lol but they won't change the mistake you made when titling your forum post.

          1. Will Apse profile image93
            Will Apseposted 16 months agoin reply to this

            I don't deserve it, lol. Anyway, for some reason, making silly and highly public mistakes is good for me at present. When I work out why, I will probably stop doing it.

            1. Robin profile image
              Robinposted 16 months agoin reply to this

              I edited the title of the post for you.  smile

              1. Will Apse profile image93
                Will Apseposted 16 months agoin reply to this

                So now I can finally stop blushing, lol.