Niche sites and HP templates

  1. Carb Diva profile image99
    Carb Divaposted 13 months ago

    It is apparent that postings in niche sites are encouraged (required) to be formatted for vertical display. This is not important for those who read from a computer or laptop, but more and more online users are utilizing their phones or I-Pads for viewing.

    It would seem then that the HP templates should be reformatted to accommodate this new philosophy. At this time, if you create a new hub and rely on an HP template, you will see the "old" layout style. That isn't helpful, especially for those new to Hubs and/or those who are striving to create hubs that are worthy of being accepted into a niche site.

    1. Marisa Wright profile image99
      Marisa Wrightposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      We've just been discussing this on another thread.

      If HubPages truly requires Hubs to be formatted for vertical display only, then the solution is quite simple - they just need to remove the floating buttons.  All Hubs would then simply display in Mobile view all the time. 

      So although HubPages staff are always encouraging us to use full-width photos, I don't think it's "required".   

      If your photo is good quality so it's not pixelated when it becomes full width, AND if its location makes sense when it moves above its related paragraph, then I don't see any problem with right-floated photos and I've had Hubs moved with right-floated images and products in them.