Confusing Adsense Stats

  1. Saarith LM profile image98
    Saarith LMposted 12 months ago

    Maybe some of you can help me.

    I've been looking at my adsense stats and they are really confusing. The stats in the Performance window and the performance report are completely different than the stats I have in my site and country reports.

    The stats in the performance report shows reasonable page views, impressions, clicks and so forth, but the estimated earnings there are way below what I would expect.

    The stats in the country and site reports are completely different from the performance report and are strange, for example in some instances it shows impressions despite also showing zero page views. But if I walk through those stats I get the same earnings as is shown in my performance report, but they make some sense in this case.

    What I am wondering as this is a hosted account and I am in the HP ad program. Does the performance report show the results for all the Adsense ads on my hubs (both the HP program and the personal ones) and the country and site reports show the results of the single personal Adsense ad I am told is at the bottom of each hub I have?