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Hub not Moved to Niche Site

  1. Kain 360 profile image98
    Kain 360posted 5 months ago

    I've written almost 20 hubs in the last few weeks since I've returned to HubPages. I've had no problems getting featured & my hubs get moved to niche sites pretty fast. But I wrote a hub 5 days ago and it still has not been transferred to a niche site.

    What do we do if a hub does not get transferred to a niche site? Or could it just be that it sometimes takes longer?

    1. tomsmithnow profile image87
      tomsmithnowposted 5 months agoin reply to this

      I would say that you are lucky and doing a great job with so many of your articles being moved to niche sites. Not all articles get moved to niche sites. You could always click on that button, Submit to HubPages Network Site, at the top of your article to see if you can get your article approved to go through to a niche site.

      1. Kain 360 profile image98
        Kain 360posted 5 months agoin reply to this

        I never clicked that button before once. I thought that was about something else? Not a niche site.

  2. Marisa Wright profile image99
    Marisa Wrightposted 5 months ago

    Some subjects are more popular than others.   Each niche site has its own editor.   If a niche site are very popular, then that editor is more likely to get a backlog of work, sometimes as much as a month's worth.  Whereas on other niche sites which have fewer submissions, the editors don't have a backlog and are able to assess and move a Hub in a day or two.

    I'd say your Hub has been flagged as suitable for one of the niche sites which have a backlog, and it's in the queue.  If nothing has happened after a month, then you can be pretty sure it got rejected, because I've never seen any new Hub wait longer than that.

    If that's the case, then there's no point using the "Submit to HubPages Network Site" button, because it's been judged and rejected already. So you'll need to revise and improve it, THEN  you can try that button. 

    BTW, we call them niche sites but the correct term is vertical site, or network site.

    1. Kain 360 profile image98
      Kain 360posted 5 months agoin reply to this

      Well, the hub is extremely similar to all the hubs I've written. It's over a 1000 words with multiple photos and paragraphs. I know we cannot make money talking about weapons, but I was talking about weapons in a video game. It was a basic article listing the best weapons. Perhaps that's why it was not moved. Or like you said; perhaps it's in the queue.

      For the most part, I am very happy with my return on Hubpages. I just want to make sure my work is not going to waste. The traffic is rising. Also, the CPM seems higher than it was compared to years ago. I just need to make sure my hubs are featured and sent to these vertical sites so my work is not in vain.

      1. Jean Bakula profile image99
        Jean Bakulaposted 5 months agoin reply to this

        If you click the "submit to niche site" to try to get a hub moved that way, the editor will tell you what you need to do to fix it and get it up to par. It is often a really small thing, a comma needed or not needed, or a picture that is pixelated. As Marisa said though, if it's a more crowded topic or site, it may take the editor a while to get back to it when you re-submit it with the corrections. I put a lot of work on Exemplore, and have waited 3 weeks going back and forth with editors at times. Be patient.

        If you don't agree with a correction, sometimes you can return it to the way you wanted it once it's moved. But be careful, don't change it too much. Good luck.

        1. Will Apse profile image93
          Will Apseposted 5 months agoin reply to this

          I believe you when you say that a small thing like a comma has been a problem for one of your pages and that would be very discouraging, but that has never been the case for me. It needs something to be significantly wrong for a good page to be rejected, in my experience.

          1. Marisa Wright profile image99
            Marisa Wrightposted 5 months agoin reply to this

            Jean can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that happened some time ago, back when they were moving the early Hubs to the niche sites.   

            Now, we're talking about new Hubs being assessed when they're published, or Hubs that we've manually submitted.  The process is a bit different and I definitely haven't heard of anyone experiencing that kind of nitpicking.

            Just to be clear, Jean - with the current process, if a Hub is "snipped", and you go and view the changes, you may see that they've removed or added a comma or something - but that doesn't mean you have to enter into a debate.  The change is done, and you don't need to respond.  If you don't like it, you just go to your account, edit the Hub in the normal way, and put the comma back in.  No need to ask anybody, just do it.

            1. Kain 360 profile image98
              Kain 360posted 5 months agoin reply to this

              What's the best course of action for me? I've been writing quite a lot recently & want to make sure I do what is required to get all my hubs sent to vertical sites. Most of my new hubs have been 700-1000 words & I have not had many problems getting them featured & transferred. I just want to ensure I'm not doing anything wrong so my work is not in vain.

              1. Jesse Drzal profile image99
                Jesse Drzalposted 5 months agoin reply to this

                Did you receive a response email?

              2. Jesse Drzal profile image99
                Jesse Drzalposted 5 months agoin reply to this

                Seems as though from my personal experience and from reading the forums, the most popular reason is usually that of oversaturated topics. I've resubmitted hubs that I thought were worthy but no dice. I would just move on at that point if that is the case.

              3. Marisa Wright profile image99
                Marisa Wrightposted 5 months agoin reply to this

                If you're not having any trouble with most of them, then you're doing better than average.   If you find that one gets rejected and you can't see why, email them and ask them for a specific reason.

            2. Jean Bakula profile image99
              Jean Bakulaposted 5 months agoin reply to this

              No Marisa,
              I still am moving old hubs that I've done my best to fix up. Several have been hung up for at least 2 weeks for something as small as one comma. One was held because they wanted a colon in a title. I never heard of using colons in titles. Although I object to the long wait, I have never had a hub I submitted to a niche rejected. It's always little, frustrating stuff like that.

              But I do see at the bottom of the email, they do tell you how to fix it before you resubmit it. I just believe simple things, like a comma, shouldn't take so long to move to the niche site once it's corrected. Really, the editor could correct it in 5 seconds, instead of making us resubmit the whole hub and wait again. This makes me reluctant to write new material.

              I am familiar with the snipping process. The seem to have lightened up a bit on my hubs. Of course, I'm rewriting parts and checking a lot more carefully before I submit. Thanks, though.

              1. Marisa Wright profile image99
                Marisa Wrightposted 5 months agoin reply to this

                That's really strange, Jean, I wonder why they're treating yours so differently.

                I've been submitting one every two weeks.   They are nearly all being transferred, and in every case, THEY make changes to the punctuation.  They send me a link to a version of the Hub with the changes highlighed in pink and green, but that means the changes are already done.  I don't have to do a thing.

                If I don't like any of the punctuation changes, I wait till the Hub is moved to the niche site, then I change it back.  I don't need to ask them or debate with them, I just do it. 

                I have had a couple where I've been told the Hub hasn't been accepted and some suggestions how to change it, but it's never been as minor as changing punctuation.  Since they're changing punctuation on all of mine, it's curious that they're asking you to do it for yours.

                1. Jean Bakula profile image99
                  Jean Bakulaposted 5 months agoin reply to this

                  Hi Marisa,
                  Next time I may ask more questions of the Editor. We keep the same one for each hub they check, right? I submitted one last night, and don't expect to see it again until midweek. But if it's a petty issue like that again, I will ask for more info. I also don't agree with many of the grammar rules, and often change them back when it gets on the niche and stays for a week or so. But they keep me waiting so long. I have also been submitting 2 a month.

                  I am finding that as I go back and read some old hubs, they are pretty good, even if they didn't get more traffic when I was a newbie. A few changes, and some of those have been accepted too. They moved all of my sun and moon sign hubs. But although that's what everyone thought I wrote about, I have at least one hub on many niches. It's those I am working on now. As you know, I had problems with picture usage, but now they don't want too many. Some are fine with a full width one at the top.