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Do not use wire brushes to clean the grill!!!

  1. Amanda Lynn Lloyd profile image59
    Amanda Lynn Lloydposted 6 months ago

    My friend Christal used her wire brush to clean off the grill like she normally did. She put a few burgers on the grill and they sat down and ate as a family. As she was eating the burger she felt a tickle in  her throat. Well, this tickle didn't go away. It was a wire stuck in her throat causing her pain and discomfort. After 3 days she finally had to have minor surgery to have it removed. Please avoid using these. The wires are so small and almost invisible to the eye.

  2. Kiss andTales profile image82
    Kiss andTalesposted 6 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this important message.I grill and I do use wire brush sometime.
    Your infomation could save a life or journey to medical trauma. Thanks again.

  3. FIXEDOPSGUY profile image84
    FIXEDOPSGUYposted 6 months ago

    I use the "Grill Daddy" and it's phenomenal.

  4. natashaluke47 profile image60
    natashaluke47posted 6 months ago

    Yeah that's great advise.