Slow update...

  1. pen promulgates profile image45
    pen promulgatesposted 7 months ago

    These days the update on HP is very slow. As a result, the comments on forums are clashing. Especially the suggestions given to the new Hubbers who request for help to pass their articles through the QAP.  I have seen many instances of same suggestions by different experienced Hubbers because of the late update. One fix I have found is to click the new Hubber's profile, go to his forum page and see if another Hubber has already given quality improvement suggestion or not. It's time consuming though. I wonder if there is some issue going on. What do you guys have to say?

  2. Marisa Wright profile image99
    Marisa Wrightposted 7 months ago

    I'm not convinced that's because updates are slow.   I think it's because there aren't many people on the forums these days - so people are creating a post, getting no replies (because there's no one on the forums), and then posting another thread thinking that might get more attention.