Balance report not adding up to earning so far this month page?

  1. mireland19 profile image93
    mireland19posted 8 months ago

    Yesterday (the last day of July) I checked my "earnings so far this month" and had x amount. Today I looked at the balance report page and for July 2017 it is showing I only made half of what was on the earned so far this month page yesterday? So why did only half of what I earned get credited to my balance? It's nothing to write home about, but eventually could be an issue? Thanks everyone!

  2. Barack James profile image92
    Barack Jamesposted 8 months ago

    Hi Mireland19, the earnings (hp ad program) for a particular month will show on balance history on 4th of the following month. So your July earnings for ad program will update on your balance history on 4th this month together with Amazon sales for June and if you hit $50 you will be paid on 28th of this month (August): Amazon sales for a particular month shows on balance history on the 3rd month, so your Amazon sales for July will not show on your balance history this month (August), but on September 4th.

    1. mireland19 profile image93
      mireland19posted 8 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you, that makes more sense now! I appreciate your taking the time to answer!