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  1. Anita Hasch profile image46
    Anita Haschposted 14 months ago

    Please help. I find analytics very difficult. I would like to know can you only have 1
    If a have blogs and hubpages. Can my blogs have one or each of them have one UA.... tracking ID and one for hubpages. Or are you only allowed to have one UA ..... tracking ID no?

  2. Marisa Wright profile image96
    Marisa Wrightposted 14 months ago

    You're not the only one who finds Analytics difficult.  Personally, I think if you're finding it hard to follow, it's better not to bother with it.  You can waste an awful lot of time working on the wrong things, if you misunderstand it.

    If your blog is on, you don't really need Analytics because you can get a lot of information from the built-in stats.

    As for HubPages, you know what your traffic is from your Account page, and you can also check to see what words people are using to find your Hubs by looking at the Stats on the individual Hubs.

    1. Anita Hasch profile image46
      Anita Haschposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Hi Marisa, I have a blog on Wordpress, but don't use it often as it is a .com and limited to what you can achieve there. My blogs are on blogger, and I need to get to know everything about analytics as my views are not correct there. I have an app that counts the views and that with what the stats say, differs too much. I have managed to add my tracking Id in the right place, but have not added the tracking code snippet. It says place it 'just before the closing ....tag? on each page.
      What do they mean with each page, is it each post? (blogger) I see no closing tag. All my blogs and hubpages are all under one analytics tracking ID. I don't think that is right. When I look at my blogger's stats, going into each site, all the stats are exactly the same. Something is wrong somewhere. I have placed my hub pages tracking ID in the right place, but am concerned because it is the same as my bloggers tracking ID.

  3. theraggededge profile image99
    theraggededgeposted 14 months ago

    I've never used Google Analytics. I took one look at it, screamed a little scream and ran away. As Marisa says, there is plenty of info on Wordpress, especially if you have Jetpack installed. And Hubpages is easy to understand. Traffic up or down, which articles are doing well, and earnings, that's all I need to know.

    Keep it simple, Anita smile

    1. Anita Hasch profile image46
      Anita Haschposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your reply, but I feel if I am going to make a success of my writing, I need to understand analytics.

      1. Marisa Wright profile image96
        Marisa Wrightposted 14 months agoin reply to this

        Can you explain why you think that? … y-website/

        Don't get me wrong, I think it's an excellent tool if you are a geek who's technically minded.   If you are not technically minded, then it's terribly confusing and you are very, very likely to take the wrong information from it (that example of the word "focus" is a perfect example of how it can make things worse not better).

        1. theraggededge profile image99
          theraggededgeposted 14 months agoin reply to this

          That's a good article and the comments are interesting too.

          I have a tarot blog with around 10k visitors per month and increasing. I know that's not much in the blogosphere, but I have never felt the need to analyse my stats beyond knowing the most popular posts/articles, etc. More important to me is blocking spammers, hackers and fake log-in attempts.

          1. Marisa Wright profile image96
            Marisa Wrightposted 14 months agoin reply to this

            Yes, I like this in the comments:

            "I would take a stab at stating less than 1% of website owners and operators know how to . . . glean helpful information from all that data. If they don’t know how and don’t have a professional around to translate it, should they still use it? I feel it’s then bordering along the lines of owning a car and not knowing how to drive, but keeping it in the case that a relative might stop by and be able to drive it for them."

            1. Anita Hasch profile image46
              Anita Haschposted 14 months agoin reply to this

              That's a good one.

        2. Anita Hasch profile image46
          Anita Haschposted 14 months agoin reply to this

          My stats on hubpages are fine. However, I have no views send by the search engines. So something is wrong there. My blogger stats are definitely wrong. My app shows way more views than is recorded. I know there is a difference in views with the time difference or something, but not such a difference. They record something like 10% of my views. No ways, something is wrong. Another problem is that I have hubpages and all my blogs under one UA ...tracking ID. That is what I am trying to find out. Do you have 1 UA Tracking ID or should I have 5?

          1. Anita Hasch profile image46
            Anita Haschposted 14 months agoin reply to this

            Thanks have found the answer to my question. Was stuck with this problem some time ago and left it when I did not understand it. You need a separate google analytics ID for each website.

            1. Glenn Stok profile image99
              Glenn Stokposted 14 months agoin reply to this

              Anita, why did it take so long for you to get it after I told you exactly that six months ago when you first asked for help.

              1. Anita Hasch profile image46
                Anita Haschposted 13 months agoin reply to this

                Glenn. I know very little about analytics but am getting there. I read somewhere that you could only join one analytics acc to adsense. That confused me. So I left it and then tried again a month later and so on and so on. However, now that I know that I can have more than one UA  tracking ID and another blogger has explained about the way to implement it, I think I will be successful this time.


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