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Add program earnings pending

  1. Barack James profile image95
    Barack Jamesposted 5 weeks ago

    add program earning update is pending for 12th and 13th. Is it me alone or someone too?

    1. lovebuglena profile image87
      lovebuglenaposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      I see the same thing on my end.

    2. HoneyBB profile image98
      HoneyBBposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      Mine too but I don't think it's a big deal. It happens sometimes between Friday and Sunday and usually gets caught up on Monday or Tuesday.

  2. Kenna McHugh profile image82
    Kenna McHughposted 5 weeks ago

    Me, too. That is never a good sign.

  3. NateB11 profile image95
    NateB11posted 5 weeks ago

    Same here. It happens periodically, always gets fixed.

  4. viryabo profile image85
    viryaboposted 5 weeks ago

    I wonder why we haven't been notified about this happening (as is usual) on our account page.