Unable to change affiliate code

  1. Rachel Evans profile image79
    Rachel Evansposted 3 months ago

    I took quite a long hiatus from HP and have finally got off my butt and back to it. Unfortunately, in that time my Amazon Affiliate Program account was cancelled due to not being used.  Info provided said it could not be reinstated and to create a new account.

    While I have now created a new account I cant link it to my HP, as it attempted to link my old non active account. 

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 3 months ago

    Welcome back from a fellow Aussie!

    You don't need your own Amazon account on HubPages now.  You can use your own one if you like, but it's probably better to join the HubPages scheme.  You'll find it under the HP Earnings Program.