Effect of SEO and how to improve it?

  1. Sudhir Devapalan profile image88
    Sudhir Devapalanposted 3 months ago

    I work in the IT industry so I do know the basics of how SEO works and how it affects the visibility of a website on Google. But all I know is technical stuff. The html needs to have no validation errors or the tags need to be organized in a certain way, etc. None of which is under my control in HubPages. So can I improve my SEO just by using the right words in my title and description or is there any other way? I have posted many articles but I am not getting any hits from google. Are my titles/description not right? I know this is a bit complicated and depends entirely on each article but any suggestion would be helpful to improve the SEO rating.

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      poppyrposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      The key to getting a lot of views is providing interesting titles that people want to click on. Like you mentioned, you can improve the article's SEO by adding keywords in the title, description, and body of the article, but that isn't all there is to it.

      The article needs to be original and a topic lots of people are searching for. Most of the users on here complain about low view count don't write about interesting topics, or they write on topics that have been covered many times before.

      I took a look at your profile, and you only joined two weeks ago. Therefore, your articles won't be getting many views yet. It takes patience and time for you to start getting more than a handful of views a week.

      I see that some of your articles have already been moved to niche sites, which is fantastic. My suggestion is to just keep up the good work, ensure you're using interesting titles and perfect English grammar and spelling, and you will start to see an increase of views eventually. It just takes a couple of months.

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        Sudhir Devapalanposted 3 months agoin reply to this

        Okay thanks. I do understand that the articles I write need to be in line with the recent search trend which I am working on. I had a lot of ideas on which I wanted to write but which might not be that popular. I will try to research more on the search trend from now on.