Quick Question about Amazon Capsule/Product Inclusion

  1. Natalie Frank profile image96
    Natalie Frankposted 8 weeks ago

    Hi all - I am hoping to head off another 3 week bout of editing due to hoopla over an Amazon capsule of the inclusion of a product.  At this point I have largely given up on including Amazon products anywhere in my articles even when I have personal experience with the product and it is highly relevant to the article.  I may have one product in two hubs.  Of course to help earnings as well as to help the reader it is good to add them when they are appropriate and relevant and I have decided to try it once more.  I had my article on eugenics approved and featured in record time and haven't had a problem in the several days since.  I have just added a review of a book which explains the topic in a far more detailed and personal manner and it is one of the sources I read for the article.  The review is close to 700 words and the article with the review is almost 2500 words.  I used an Amazon capsule which may or may not be a good idea- I don't have a feel for this exactly.  I just wanted to try to head off any possible reason for the hub to be unfeatured, sending me back into weeks of editing hell after which I simply get rid of the review and associated link.  The article is here https://owlcation.com/social-sciences/I … -Eugenics.  Thanks for any advice/feedback as to anything I may be missing that could lead to problems.