All Little Girls are Goddesses

  1. Guardian1 profile image62
    Guardian1posted 8 years ago

    All little girls are Goddesses. They're beautiful and know it because no one has told them different. They love to run and play and jump and sway. They love everything about their bodies because no one has taught them not to. No one has told them that their breasts are small or malformed. No one has assessed their proportions and found them wanting. They can't spell cellulite let alone understand its meaning. Their feet are meant for dancing; their hands for coloring and clapping. Their voices are meant to rise in the sweetest of songs.

    Little girls, they are strong and they are many. Let them be little girls for as long as you can. And sometime remember the little girl or boy that you once were and feel that confidence again. As much the beholder as anyone, you are only as beautiful, you are only as strong, you are only as worthy as you believe yourself to be. Don't look to others for guidance in loving and respecting yourself. You and only you can be judge and jury. The only higher power is God. Let all those you love, you included, be little boys and girls today.

    Thought you guys would like this. Everyday is a new opportunity to love yourself and those you most cherish unconditionally. Holler back with replies. I want to feel the love :-)