Name famous movies that showcases little girls and their love of horses.

  1. GmaGoldie profile image78
    GmaGoldieposted 5 years ago

    Name famous movies that showcases little girls and their love of horses.

    I can only recall National Velvet and the tragic scene in Gone with the Wind. What other famous movie scenes showcase the love of horses by little girls?

    Do you or did you have a favorite doll that had an equestrian theme?

    What is your favorite brand of doll? Bratz, Moxie Girlz, Barbie, Madame Alexander, Breyer or other?

  2. DeanCash profile image61
    DeanCashposted 5 years ago

    Felicity is a young girl whose mom wants her to grow up and be a gentlewoman, but Felicity's heart tells her otherwise. But she yearns for the freedom of the outdoors...and especially for the adventure of riding horses. Then she meets a beautiful, copper-colored mare who's mistreated by her cruel owner.

    It is about a teenage girl growing up in a city but her grandmother was no longer able to care for her in her medical condition. Therefore she went to live with her dad on a ranch and became in love with a beautiful mustang who everyone thought was impossible to break and yet Flicka (the mustang) was quickly united with the girl.

    I love horses - me never like dolls.

  3. Andy Webb profile image69
    Andy Webbposted 5 years ago

    "The Horse Whisperer" as it is the damaged relationship between young Grace MacLean and her forse following a tragic road accident: … perer.html

    And whilst it is not about a little girl but a woman "The Long Shot" is about the connection between a woman and her horse: … -shot.html