Is my traffic average,87 hits in one day?

  1. kmackey32 profile image67
    kmackey32posted 8 years ago

    Is my traffic average,87 hits in one day?

    I have 10 hubs and have only been here for about 5 weeks or so. Although most of my hits come from hubpages, i am slowly getting hits from google and yahoo, and 1 or 2 here and there from other places and i dont know how. lol Also the majority of my traffic is going to my hub about tattoos.

  2. yoshi97 profile image70
    yoshi97posted 8 years ago

    Being here only three weeks, I'm probably not the best person to answer this question; however, I do think I know the answer.

    Some of the hubpages hits are from checking your own pages. I discovered this by the fact that I was working on a page one day and checking it a lot (I wanted to get it just right) and that page had a lot of hubpage hits that day.

    The other hubpage hits are (you guessed it) from your fellow hubbers. Quite often, heavy activity in questions and answers and forums will bring this traffic as your fellow hubbers click on your icon to discover more about you and find themselves reading your writings. This is why I say participation in the forums and the questions and answers is a good thing as it gets the ball rolling on page hits.,

    Of course, the holy grail is outside hits, as these have the highest possibility of generating revenue. Quite often, the hubbers hitting your pages will up their rank, making them more visible on Google and easier for outsiders to find - so, while the hubbers don't often directly generate revenue, they do indirectly get the ball rolling for this to occur.

    As far as most of the traffic going to your hub about tattoos, I would consider that your money making hub and would see what you could do to put appropriate advertising on your page. Search Amazon for things a tattooer might buy and list those items and make sure your tags are directly related to your hub (and not just set to pull in traffic) as these tags will generate the adsense ads we all hope people will click on.

    Above all, if you are starting to get outside hits then the snowball has begun to slowly roll down the hill. It's a good thing, so long as the ball continues to roll down the hill and gathers speed. This, in a sense, signifies you have hit on a topic that is evergreen (has the potential to draw attention on a daily basis).

    So, what do you do now? You can watch your hubs grow or plant new ones, and I think doing the latter will further your career along much better. smile

  3. soni2006 profile image80
    soni2006posted 8 years ago

    Your traffic is average with 87 hits per day. It is fine because you have published just 10 hubs and have only been here for about 5 weeks or so.

    Right now as you have said that you are getting most of the views from hubpages. Yes it happens when you initially join hubpages and start publishing your first few hubs. You can increase your outside traffic to your hubs by using the SHARE IT button at the bottom of your hub. Slowly and steadily after doing this, your hits from google, yahoo, and other search engines will increase day by day . "The majority of my traffic is going to my hub about tattoos." That's really great, just go ahead and right more on them. Best of luck.