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where do i paste the javascript code of google analytics on my hub?

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    haroldiposted 8 years ago

    where do i paste the javascript code of google analytics on my hub?

  2. maxsrini profile image53
    maxsriniposted 8 years ago

    Just follow the steps:

    1.Just goto your google analytics account & Add a website profile in the name of hubpages.com.

    (No need to paste the javascript in Hubpages)

    2.Look for the code something like this UA-6766363-2, copy this code / text.

    3. Now to goto your affiliate settings in your hubpages:
    (to go here click my account----> affiliate settings)

    4. Just paste the code on the analytics text box & click appy changes.

    5. Now goto ur google analytics & cick finish.

    All u need to do now is to wait for a day or two, so the results starts showing up..

  3. fritteritter profile image91
    fritteritterposted 8 years ago

    maxsrini has the how-to for how to add AdSense, but if you're wondering how to position the ads you will need to read up on some "getting started" hubs.

    Basically, you can't control where the ads are, but you can experiment with the length of the text that you write and the positioning of your capsules to figure out where ads are going to be placed. Generally you should have longer text and avoid capsules at the top of the article to allow good placement for your ads.

  4. LVM profile image61
    LVMposted 8 years ago