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Has Hubpages become profoundly Christian?

  1. lkeipp profile image57
    lkeippposted 8 years ago

    Has Hubpages become profoundly Christian?

    When I joined, there was a variety of questions and answers. But lately, the vast majority of the questions are religiously focused, or get answered by biblical quotes.  Is this an anomaly, or is it a trend? If so, can any hubs or questions not of a Christian nature stand?  I'm hoping for answers from folks who have been here a lot longer than me.

  2. dabeaner profile image57
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Christians are no less wackos than Muslims.  Both think they have a "divine right" to shove their delusions down others' throats (or up their nether regions).  Christians are not as physically aggressive as the Muslims (since the Crusades and Inquisition, anyway), but they cannot resist getting into anyone's face who does not interpret their fairly tales "properly".

    Unfortunately, they have discovered HubPages.  If the "management" does not take steps, this site will become just another Christian wacko site that no one visits but them.

    I have observed that the more "fundamentalist" one of those middle-eastern slave religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) sheep is, the more ignorant and/or stupid he/she is, in general.

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image84
    Uninvited Writerposted 8 years ago

    They may be among the most vocal but they are not the majority at HubPages.

  4. Wealthmadehealthy profile image60
    Wealthmadehealthyposted 8 years ago

    I personally think that the reason people are asking questions on religion is that they have realized something that is crucial to anyones life.  That is the fact that without God we are nothing and if we do not praise Him and follow His Laws we will fall into demise.  People are looking for the answer as to why we are in the state we are in in our government, our family life, our schools, even in our churches. 

    Each person was given a free will and each person was created by God and had a purpose in his/her creation.  It is when we forget to honor God that we all get in trouble.  The schools have taken prayer out as well as the pledge of allegiance.  The country's values are sliding down a one way to ruin at a fast pace.   More and more people are starting to realize that there is something other than what is being offered in society and on the news to live a good life and many people are searching for answers from anywhere they can get them......I pray for each and every person who does not believe in God.  I am thankful there are Christian people in Hubpages to converse with......For all should remember this one thing...Without God and his grace we are nothing at all....

    And you also must remember this......we have turned our faces away from Him by not following His commandments that He gave to Moses on the Mount so many thousands of years ago.  These still stand and the reason our country and all the rest are in such horrible shape IS lack of adherence to those commands. 

    As far as I am able to see, any well written hub on a decent subject will be read by others.   I have found numerous questions and answers on various subjects.  And answered quite a few of them...all you have to do is keep looking for what you would like to answer and if you don't like the Christian ones, look for another, there are plenty out there!!!

  5. writesketchbead profile image59
    writesketchbeadposted 8 years ago

    Religion creates controversy(sp) which inturn creates discussion. Christianity is greatly disputed. On one hand you have non-christians trying to disprove while Christians try to prove. On the other hand you have Christians disputing among themselves. This wide range of different people fighting to prove, disprove, or adjust creates opportunity. Christianity probably outways other faiths in this area because of the many 'branches' of the faith create discord in the faith.
    And some people just like to argue. Few subjects excite as much emotion.
    Add to this that faith is an issue that creates an intense need to share. Christianity promotes 'preaching the good word'. No matter what 'branch' you are a part of. Ofcourse once you start preaching the good word you enter into the realm of the first point I made.
    Do non-christian natured material have a chance? Yes but maybe we need to promote them a little differently. Maybe to create interest in broader subjects we hubbers need to write on broader subjects and encourage our fans not to just leave encouraging comments but respond with hubs. Maybe even write hubs that are posted in conjuntion with a question to broden the subject you started. Or end your hubs with a challenge (friendly ones) to encourage more interaction. Connect with like minded hubbers, take a subject divide it up amongst all of,  and give yourselves a specific deadline to post them all on the same day. Several articles posted at once by several people may encourage others to contemplate the subject more.For example-Say with gun control three people come together and each choose a different root cause to elaborate on:Poverty, population explosion, number of weapons available.Then post a question at the same time: Which of these causes discussed in these hubs do you feel has the greatest factor on gun violence? Or do you feel there is a different root reason.
    Just some suggestions to create interest. And interest is what we need to create.

  6. shirleybill profile image56
    shirleybillposted 8 years ago

    Of course, hubs that are not of Christian nature stand! I don't know why you would choose Christian answers and hubs as your target though, when there are sooo many more for you to choose from. Does it bother you that we write hubs?

  7. ethel smith profile image79
    ethel smithposted 8 years ago

    I agree with uninvited writer.
    I do think that some Christian Hubbers only see through blinkered vision and can be dogmatic though.
    Hubpages should stay an individual site which welcomes all who play the game and behave appropriately.

  8. Beata Stasak profile image83
    Beata Stasakposted 7 years ago

    One would hope that HubPages are above religions, races, countries and anything else what divides us...

    We are here to share and find a common ground not the opposite...if I read the comments or profiles I am not interested if the person is Christian or Buddhist or not religious at all...only if this person is genuine with a good heart and attitude and has something to say and wants something to share...