Ads on my hubs do not match subject content. Why?

  1. reddog1027 profile image84
    reddog1027posted 8 years ago

    Ads on my hubs do not match subject content. Why?

    My hubs are about gardening and wild flowers.  At first the ads matched the subject matter.  Now the ads have changed to shoes, kinky ones for that matter.  Is there a way to make the ads match the subject matter of my hubs?

  2. aj's profile image75
    aj'sposted 8 years ago

    Hey, let me try to help u with this.... I saw one of your hubs named "An inexpensive way to start seeds".
    As we know google reads the main headings also, mainly to decide what ads to show up on a web page. Now, in the hub or yours, i mentioned, you've put capsule headings for all the pics. Also, you have mentioned the "SHOE BOX" two times. Try changing that.

    But still, sometimes it happens awkwardly, which will automatically figure out to correct ones.

    One of the other things causing this issue is that " when google does not find any RELEVANT KEYWORDS". So you got to throw in some gardening keywords in your hubs while you write,
    You may want to use this free tool of google... .
    And find the most searched terms to use. For example, if you write a hub on "gardening", you enter this keyword, or tag, you'll get the corresponding keywords which are related to this main keyword(gardening) of yours which are most searched, and you may use those of which u find appropriate,

    Hope it helps...

  3. reddog1027 profile image84
    reddog1027posted 8 years ago

    Thanks for your input AJ.  It was extremely helpful especially in helping me understand the concept of keywords.  With the changes you suggested, I should be able to get those kinky shoe ads of my hub or maybe I should just write a hub about kinky shoes (not).