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Hub content not linked to ads or other hubs of similar nature

  1. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 8 years ago

    I put up a new hub about Susan Boyle, who being Scottish like myself I am very proud of.
    Why then are the google ads and related hubs linked to the page all about Michael Jackson? I know there are other hubs out there about Susan, why are they not linked to my page?

  2. lrohner profile image83
    lrohnerposted 8 years ago

    Maybe there are no Susan Boyle ads?

  3. kirstenblog profile image78
    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    Just a heads up but posting a link can be dodgy smile

    In answer to your question it is possible that there are no advertisers out there advertising sites about susan boyle and thus no ads to place on this hub. It is very easy to imagine websites willing to use google ads to advertise themselves on the net to make money so would use adwords.

  4. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 8 years ago

    Thanks for your suggestions.Yeah I knew it was dodgy posting the link, and please don't click on it, it was for verification purposes only, not for commercial reasons so I reckoned that would be OK. Maybe.
    OK I'm thinking there probably isn't any ads out there relating to Susan except through Amazon, but why did Hubpages not link the other hubs about her? I know there are a few but I found them through a google search, not through Hubpages direct.

    1. kirstenblog profile image78
      kirstenblogposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      You should be able to put the name susan boyle in the search box and find the hubs that use her name in the title, tho I am not sure I have noticed hubs come up where the word I searched was a tag instead but that could just be me not noticing. You can always put links in your hub that you feel are really great, can even use your url tracker just in case a reader wanted to sign up with hub pages.... smile. Most authors consider it a compliment to be linked like that.

  5. kirstenblog profile image78
    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    Yup I did a search for susan boyle with the drop down menu for hubs only and it looked like there was a decent selection. That little search box can be pretty handy for just about anything you might want to read up on. I have even used the search results page for an rss feed on a hub so that I could link to all new hubs on a topic within my hub. Its a bit tricky to get the rss to work and took me forever to figure out, I mean months to work out why it wasn't working as I was convinced it should. What I had to do to make it work was add the &rss bit at the end of the normal url from that search, if I remember right, as clicking the rss button in the url box for that search query formatted the url differently and the rss feed capsule didn't like it.

    Seriously play with the search facilities on this site, its amazing what you can find and learn about. I suspect what I have learned since joining hubpages is enough that I could have spent loads with some 'guru' to learn the same stuff and probably to less effect. The best bit is its free to learn!

    Hubbers are awsome!

  6. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 8 years ago

    Susan Boyle an incredibly competitive niche to be going after right now. Create some backlinks to your hub and use the anchor text Susan Boyle. There does seem to be advertiser interest in Susan Boyle. But competitors think that people who end up on your site might also buy other music, so you'll probably see a variety of music type stuff. You'll still be able to make money I think.

  7. profile image0
    ryankettposted 8 years ago

    You only mention the phrase 'Susan Boyle' twice on the page; try changing 'she' to 'Boyle' or 'Susan' or 'Susan Boyle' a few times.

    At the moment, you are mentioning several other phrases two times including producers names or song titles. It would suggest to a bot that the hub is a music one, but not neccessarily a Susan Boyle one...

    1. IzzyM profile image89
      IzzyMposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I've done what you suggested, ryankett, and changed a few 'she's' to her name. I hope I haven't overdone it, because I want to be a writer not a spammer lol

      Nellie, thanks for your input but I haven't earned much about backlinks. I'll look 'em up tomorrow when I have more time, and see what I can do.

      Kirstenblog, many thanks for the advice about rss feeds which again I'm not up to speed on, but if Hubpages themselves don't change the 'related hubs' part, which I hope they will, then it's something I will consider.

      Michael Jackson, huh!
      Great singer but not related to my hub except as another entertainer:)

  8. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 8 years ago

    Izzy, when you first put up a Hub, the ads are often completely unrelated to begin with.  It's best to give it some time to settle down before you decide the ads aren't going to be relevant.

    Also, as someone else said, it pays to make sure you actually mention your subject more than once!

    In school, we're taught to vary our sentence structure to make it interesting - to keep saying "Susan Boyle this.." and "Susan Boyle that..." is seen as poor writing.  That's not so true on t the internet, because if you do the job too well, you'll end up with insufficient mention of your keywords and Google won't know what your article is about!

  9. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 8 years ago

    Thanks Marisa:) I've not been here long but this was the first time I had seen ads and other hubs being unrelated to the hub content. Thanks for the advice from you and from everyone here. It is much appreciated.

  10. sunforged profile image75
    sunforgedposted 8 years ago

    Enter Susan Boyle into google search

    http://www.google.com/search?q=susan+bo … =firefox-a

    check out the ads on the right and top-not the headings but the addresses

    Those are your main advertisers for those terms, all music related.

    But using adwords keyword tool, you would see the term and all related are the lowest of the low of click earnings (.05) yo would prob see .02 per click

    So your Susan Boyle hub should be amazon or ebay focused instead.(for monetization purposes)

    You can see what keywords are being found by google via the keyword tool also


    i dreamed a dream    1 - 3    $0.57

    above is the highest relevant term I saw.

  11. MikeNV profile image81
    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    Google uses a huge database of information to compare to the results crawled on your page. Then they have to match your content to advertisers.

    Michael Jackson was a singer... obviously and there are tons of links to his material that include the same topics and words that you find on your page.

    You shouldn't be worried. I'd be worried if the ads were for Farm Equipment.

  12. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 8 years ago

    Maybe farm equipment would give me more clicks LOL
    I've got Amazon linked to the site but not Ebay as they refused me membership for whatever reason. Thanks for the advice:)

    I'm based in Spain, sunforged, and it annoys me intensely but everytime I click on a link to go to google.com, it opens as google.es. I can use google.com or co.uk if I type them directly into the address bar, but it's nigh on impossible to change it once google.es gets loaded!
    Sorry getting off-topic a bit there!
    Thanks for the tips:)

    1. sunforged profile image75
      sunforgedposted 8 years agoin reply to this
  13. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 8 years ago

    Fascinating link, many thanks smile