Wrong page Impressions in my Google Account

  1. jim.sheng profile image59
    jim.shengposted 10 years ago

    Recently, I am wondering if there's something wrong with my page impressions. I have more than 10 channels. Normally, I think, the sum of all individual channels will equal to the top channels, but now I add up individual channels page impressions, the sum is about 40% less than the top channels. Bellow are my page impressions data from my account:

    AdSense for Content >top channels              64 
    dalriadabooks. summerhost. info                   98 
    hubpages. com                                            1 
    dayabooks. uu1001. com                              2 
    jinxian                                                         2 

    My questions are:
    1. is the top channels sum up of all individual channels?
    2. Have you guys ever had this kind of problems?
    3. Does Hubpage take 40% page impressions from those generated by my hubs or from my Adsense account include those generated by other channels?

  2. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    HubPages takes 40% of the impressions only on hubs (or hubpages.com), not on any other site you are running adsense on.  Channels are not exclusive, depending on how you set them up 1 ad impression can be counted under two channels.  For instance a request for:


    would be counted under both of these URL channels:


    For this reason, you need to be careful the way you set up URL channels if you want them not to overlap.

    I don't think the total next to "top channels" (on the default adsense report)  is supposed to be the sum of the top channels, but rather the total for the whole account over the specified period.  Of course if you only have a few channels, they may all be included in "top channels".   

    For very recent numbers (ie. Today), I think the processing of channels may not be in complete sync with the processing of the total.  For older periods I would expect the total of the channels to be pretty close to the overall total, assuming you don't have any overlap.  However, it never seems to add up exactly right for me -- but I don't worry too much as long as it is close.  If you're total is way off you might want to try and follow up with google directly.  (Also, it's important to note that channels only measure data going forward from the time you set them up and activate them.  You can't add a URL channel and get data retroactively)

  3. jim.sheng profile image59
    jim.shengposted 10 years ago

    Thank you, pauldeed, there must be duplicate in my channels. Anyway, nothing is so significant to worry about.