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I write for hubpages and have not received a check Why?

  1. Sue1226 profile image59
    Sue1226posted 8 years ago

    I write for hubpages and have not received a check Why?

    I have been doing this since Thanksgiving 2009. My account shows that I have earned 3 hundred and thirty-five. So what do I need to do to recieve the money or do I?

  2. EFPotter profile image61
    EFPotterposted 8 years ago

    If you're on Adsense, you should check your account settings and see if you've designated a way for them to pay you. You can have it direct deposited, or sent by check. It may just be that it isn't set.

    Adsense may also require you to enter some of your tax information before sending the check.

    OR: [from the "When do I get paid?" question on Adsense] "All publishers are mailed a PIN when their earnings reach the verification threshold. You must enter your PIN to verify your address before you can receive payments."

  3. screation profile image69
    screationposted 8 years ago

    first of all tell in which affiliate account your payment is held. is it google adsense or amazon. google adsense send a pin number after account reaching 10 $ u must submit it other wise they will not deliver your cheque.

  4. katrinasui profile image37
    katrinasuiposted 7 years ago

    If you are using Google adsense then remember that they send you a pin number when you earn US$10.  You must enter the pin number to get payment from them, otherwise they wont send you payment.