Where do you make the most of your money?

  1. nickshamrock profile image76
    nickshamrockposted 8 years ago

    Where do you make the most of your money?

    I know a lot of your hubs are about ebay and selling things from ebay. Do you make most of your profit from them? Or do you make most of it from adsense? Amazon? Let me know, I'm sure you get this question a million times, so thanks for the time to at least read this.

  2. gerrywalker profile image69
    gerrywalkerposted 7 years ago

    I made money since about 1980 by finding old places near the water, lakes, that is, that the owners were willing to sell with owner financing, not a lot down. My first one was on Lake Lanier outside Atlanta, the guy's wife had died and he was tired of working on it, he sold it to me for two years back taxes and owner financed for the next few years., made about 50000 on it (10k a year). The next one was in Fla on a little canal running out to the Indian River, bought in 1989, sold in '91 for a gross profit of 42k (a little less than 10k a year); the last one i'm still in up in N. Ga. figure I'm here for life, maybe. who knows. Always liked to do the wallpapering, painting etc. Got carpentry help for railings, stairs, wall rip out or anything like that. Worked at the same time parttime secretarial work. Hard but loved it and made a living, always something new to think about.